Mechanicsburg International Airport

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Airport (WolvHaven Metro) redirects here. This article is about MechanicsBurg International Airport, and also is related to Airport station, which is in the airport.

MechanicsBurg International Airport
Build Team
Builder(s): - _AngelKevin_
- JuliusMS
- Olovld
- Sambrose
- Ninjabob1797
- _Bromley
- minebuilder1223
- Mc_Dunc
- Hinwapoon
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MechanicsBurg International Airport is the only Airport, and the main airport of WolvHaven City. All new players that just joined will start in a plane in that airport. Similarly, doing /spawn leads you there.

For tourists

When tourists arrive in the server, they “land” in The airport. When getting out, they can choose to take a citizen test, and they can be promoted to citizen if they pass.


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Bus Gates

  •  1  Empty
  •  2  Empty
  •  3  Bella vista via NSE (Not Functional yet)
  •  4  Empty
  •  5   160  S.Stalingrad Bus terminal via City hall
  •  6   126  Dakota via Stadium
  •  7   125  (Not Functional yet)

Plane Gates

A Gates For future flights to Gardellia Settlements

  •  A1  Kralyn Airport
  •  A2  Not in use
  •  A3  Not in use
  •  A4  Not in use
  •  A5  Not in use

B Gates For arrivals only & flights to Gardellia Settlements

  •  B1  Not in use
  •  B2  Arrival to WolvHaven (Spawn)

C Gates For departures to other worlds

  •  C1  Pangaea/Nether
  •  C2  Gardellia
  •  C3  Sandbox
  •  C4  Laboratory
  •  C5  FifthHaven


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Retail Stores

- A Food Court is located at the basement level, where he linkway to the bus interchange and the M10 station is at.


  • MopsishopXpress
  • The Coffee House

MetroM.png Metro9.png Metro10.png Airport Station

Airport is the northern terminus for Metro Line 10 and a station on Metro Line 9. This station serves as a direct transit for tourists to City Hall. Most tourists take this line when they exit the airport and proceed to city exploration. Metro Line 9 is also planned to go to Airport.