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Fare Collection System
Location: Greater WolvHaven
Launched: 11 January 2016
Technology: PayRide by Axtonium
Operator: Axtonium
Manager: Department Of Transport
Currency: WHD - WolvHaven Dollar (WH$)

WolvHaven Metro


The Metro+ is a form of electronic ticket used on public transport in Greater WolvHaven and is the first of its kind in Minecraft. It is valid for travel on all Department of Transport operated modes of transport including Metro, Bus and Ferries. It is also valid on some privately operated modes of transport such as BERT.

A standard Metro+ card is a Name Tag that is titled Metro+ | Standard with the idenfitication of the card while a Single Journey Metro+ is a Name Tag that is titled Metro+ | Single Journey with the mode of transport the single journey ticket is valid for. Passengers "tap" the card on a reader when entering or leaving the mode of transport in order to validate and refund extra amount charged respectively. Cards may be purchased, refunded and "Topped Up" at ticket machines found at Metro & BERT stations and major Bus stops.

The card was first issued to members of WolvHaven in Janurary 2016 initially with a small amount of functionality. But eventually more features such as being able to get a replacement card should the original be destroyed/lost using the original card's ID were added.


During the days of the NewHaven era (2013-2014), a brand new ticketing system was introduced, called MyTransit. The system soon ran into multiple problems with fare evasion and passengers being charged the incorrect fare. The system was then scrapped and WolvHaveners moved back to the original paper ticketing system.

Operation 'Secret Project'

Metro+ was a secret project for WolvHaven by Axton. The idea for a tap on tap off card system had existed in WolvHaven since as early as the Wolv City era in 2012. Discussions regarding the project were done discreetly and carefully in order to avoid leaks and/or speculation.

Beta tests were conducted using a small pool of testers involving only 3 users.

Preparing for Metro+

In order to accomodate Metro+, the faregates in every Metro and BERT station were slowly upgraded from the original cuboid gates to the newer faregates that are currently in use.


When passengers 'tap on' or validate their Metro+ card, the default fare is deducted. Upon 'tap off' the extra amount charged is refunded back into the card. This ensures that passengers do not get away without paying by tapping on and not tap off intentionally.

Passengers are also charged a fine of WH$300 should they tap their Metro+ card which is in an invalid state.

By tapping in and out in the same station, you will get charged.


For Transport

Metro+ Standard Tickets can be used for Train Travel on the WolvHaven Metro or the BERT in 4H. Metro+ Single Journey Tickets can be used for Train Travel, however, can only be used for the specified train Service Tickets worth WH$2.5 Can only be used on the BERT while Tickets worth WH$3.5 can only be used on the WolvHaven Metro.

Top Up / Purchase

Top Up or Purchase can be done on the Metro+ Ticket Machines. Most Stations have Ticket Machines in Close proximity to the exits. Every time you Top Up, you can only top up any one of the four possible top up values : WH$25, WH$50, WH$100, WH$200. Purchasing Tickets You can purchase 4 types of tickets. All tickets are the same, but have different values. WH$25, WH$50, WH$100 or WH$200.


Tickets are valid on the BERT and Wolvhaven Metro.