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WolvHaven Metro Line 1
MetroM.png Metro1.png
2015-08-04 09.20.51.png
Palais De Royal
Type Rapid Transit
System WolvHaven Metro
Status Operational
Termini Palais De Royal
Stations 9 (Operational)
1 (Decommissioned)
Services 1
Opened July 2014; 4 years ago
Operator(s) TransHaven
Character Underground (Palais De Royal - Mechanicsburg)
Depot(s) Palais De Royal
Rolling stock M25CA
M25BA (Formerly)
M25A (Formerly)
Line Length 5.98 km (3.7mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification 750 V DC Third rail
Operating speed limit of 80km/h (50 mph)
Route Map

The WolvHaven Metro Line 1 is a WolvHaven Metro line that runs from southern WolvHaven, ending in northern WolvHaven, on Mechanicsburg island. Built to serve Central WolvHaven, the line originally had 4 stations (Palais De Royal - Nation), but has since been expanded to reach multiple core districts. Metro Line 1's route follows a straight line along the historic district, then makes a turn as it enters the Central Business District, passing by Admiralty, and La Resistance, until it reaches the main industrial district, accessible by it's northern terminus, Mechanicsburg Interchange. Currently, there are 12 trains per hour (tph) serving the line, which is a train every 5 minutes. This is to reduce lag on the server as there are 5 automatic lines in operation. During its peak, it was at a frequency of 24 tph, which is every 2.5 minutes.

Officially known as the City Line, Metro Line 1 takes a strikingly bold and vibrant shade on the official WolvHaven Metro Map, making it easy to be distinguished and identified.


Metro Line 1 is coloured yellow in the WolvHaven Metro system map.

As the name implies, Metro Line 1 was the first ever WolvHaven Metro line to be created in the previous WolvHaven world. It runs completely underground, starting off at Palais De Royal located at the southernmost part of Wolfminster, and ending at Mechanicsburg Station located in Mechanicsburg island. Travelling from one end of the line to the other takes about half an hour.


First phase of development

Metro Line 1 was the first Metro Line to be built in WolvHaven, with the first section from Palais De Royal to Republic opening in 2014. [4] The line was extended northward to Nation later that year. With trains running smoothly from Palais De Royal to Nation, the line was officially opened to the public, once construction began on the Metro Line 2.

Second phase of development

With the first phase of the Metro Line 2 being completed, construction once again began on the Metro Line 1, extending the train line from the now defunct Nation Station, to Financial Centre, extending the total amount of stations on the Metro Line by three.

La Resistance Station

Released to the public separately from the extension to Financial Centre, La Resistance's unveiling to the public was delayed a week, due to concerns that the station was "structurally unsound". With tests done on the station and chalking up positive results, La Resistance was inevitably opened, with commuters loving the Paris Metro inspired station.

Metro Line 1 Extension project

With the release of the most recent WolvHaven Metro map on the 27th of September 2016, a rough idea of the Metro Line 1 extension was included, leaving commuters speculation on what the actual route M1 would take. With Lorem Ipsum Corporation ( then Temasaac Holdings ), FTrans, and the Department of Transportation's joint press release on 10 October 2017, it was stated that Metro Line 1 would have a total of 2 brand new stations, that being Highgate and Mechanicsburg stations. On April 12 2018, the extension was fully opened to the public.

Nation Station

With the extension of the Metro Line 1 to Financial Centre, a brand new station, Renaissance, was opened to the public. With the creation of Renaissance station was praised by the public, for its grand interior, its convenience, and for it being easy to navigate. However, Renaissance station was also extremely close to another station, the previous northern terminus for Metro Line 1,Nation. With the extreme closeness of these two stations, trains needing to stop at both of them meant travellers had to spend an extra two minutes in commute. With the extreme convenience of Renaissance station, with its prime location and connection to Metro Line 3, it was decided that Nation station was instead to be disused, and abandoned. 4 years later after its abandonment in 2014, Nation station was decided to be repurposed into a railway museum and cafe.


Improvement Works


Metro Line 1 was the first to come under the FASTRACK programme. This included a brand new control centre and track diagram which shows the location of each train, displaying the countdown it takes for the train to arrive at a station with the train's code on signs along the diagram. This allowed line managers to easily check if there is any train breakdown which leads to a more reliable service. FASTRACK also included a brand new method of operations whereby a train is replaced each time it completes one trip on the line leading to an increase of service availability and reliability from 50% back to 90%.

Platform Screen Doors

Metro Line 1 was the first line to have installed Platform Screen Doors, after numerous cases of commuters falling off the platform and in some cases, death. This Prompted TransHaven to Retrofit Platform Screen Doors and Automatic Platform Gates in the WolvHaven Metro. The first sets of Platform Screen Doors were retrofitted in City Hall Station, in 1995 and by 1998 was retrofitted in all of Line 1.

City Hall Realignment and Revamp

In 2016, the Northbound Line 1 Platform was rebuilt by GukkyGukz and relocated below the Southbound Line 1 Platform due to multiple complaints filed against TransHaven on how the platform was too inconvenient and inaccessible. The previous alignment was another flight was needed to reach the platform. The new platform featured the new Platform Screen Doors with the Gray Panels and the Line's Route Map. Because of this realignment, the station is fully step-free when a lift entrance and exit was built by autobus22. The Platform Screen doors in City Hall were all refurbished except for the Southbound Line 1 Platform and the Line 4 Platform.

Abandoned Projects

3rd Street Branch

Branching out from the main route starting at Renaissance station, the 3rd Street Branch, by it's name, was a Branch line running under 3rd Street. It had three stations and roughly a kilometre of track running underground. However, as this branch was built during the Revolution Era, its construction was cut short, meaning each station had no entrances or exits and were barely furnished. Plans were made to convert the area into a recreation area with shops, a park, and a lake where the tracks were. However, since then, the 3rd Street Branch has been repurposed into a low budget training facility for up and coming train drivers.

Metro Line 1 Southern Extension project

Before the land reclaim project that the current WolvHaven International Airport sits on, there was a plan for there to be a fourth island, located below Wolfminster and Westford, parallel to Mechanicsburg. This has since been abandoned. However, before this project was abandoned, there were plans to extend the Metro Line 1 beyond Palais De Royal, towards the south west, terminating just below Westford island.


Palais De Royal BERT.png

2015-08-04 09.15.11.png 2015-08-04 09.20.51.png
Palais De Royal is a station on the southern part of metro line 1. It was one of the original 4 stations, and connects up with the BERT system. This station mainly connects up the Palais De Royal.

Interesting Fact: The arch above Palais De Royal is the last surviving original WolvHaven Metro entrance. All the other entrances have had their arches replaced with lampposts with the word "METRO" on it.

City Hall MetroM.png Metro2.png Metro4.png Metro5.png Metro6.png Metro7.png Metro8.png Metro9.png Metro10.png MetroS.png BERT.png

2015-08-04 09.12.54.png2015-08-04 09.20.33.png
City Hall is a station on the southern part of metro line 1. It was one of the original 4 stations, and connects up with Metro Line 2,Metro Line 4,Metro Line 5,Metro Line 6,Metro Line 7 and the BERT system. This station mainly connects up the City Hall and the old spawn, as the new spawn is at Mechanicsburg Airport.

Interesting Fact: City Hall's Entrance is on Third Avenue, 1 block From metro line 1's Platform, Which is under Fourth Avenue.


2015-08-04 09.15.40.png2015-08-04 09.20.19.png
Republic is a station on the southern part of the metro line 1. It was one of the original 4 stations. The station does not have any connections with other lines. This station mainly connects up housing in the area.


2015-08-04 09.15.58.png2015-08-04 09.19.59.png
Nation was a station on the southern part of the metro line 1. It was the northern terminus of the original 4 stations, but was closed in 2015 because of its extremely short distance to both Renaissance and Republic, while not connecting any important buildings. It is now being transformed into a museum, cafe and venue area by J. Group and RAEL Corp (Citation?).

Interesting Fact: Nation's interior is almost identical to Republic's.

Renaissance Metro3.png

2015-08-04 09.16.35.png2015-08-04 09.19.28.png
Renaissance is a station on the northern part of the metro line 1. This is a station from phase 2 of this line. The station connects up with Metro Line 3 to Nationale. (not to confuse with Nation!). The station mainly serves the many mall's in the area.
Intresting fact: This station for unknown reasons does not have any signs indicating station name, or what lines stop at the station at the entrance.

Admirality BERT.png

2015-08-04 09.17.28.png2015-08-04 09.19.13.png
Admirality is a station on the northern part of the metro line 1. This is a station from phase 2 of this line. The station connect up with the BERT system. (Skyscraper station). The station mainly serves the many mall's in the area.

Financial Centre

2015-08-04 09.17.50.png2015-08-04 09.18.57.png
Financial Centre is a station on the northern part of metro line 1. This is a station from phase 3 of this line. The station does not connect up with any other transport. The station mainly serves the financial center.

La Resistance Metro2.png Metro10.png BERT.png

2015-08-04 09.18.10.png2015-08-04 09.18.38.png
La Resistance, probually one of the most well known stations on the server, is located on the northern section of metro line 1. This is a station from phase 3 of this line. The station connects up with Metro Line 2 and BERT systems. It mainly serves the Departement of Transit.



Rolling Stock

  • M5
  • M10
  • M20
  • M25A
  • M25BA
  • M25CA

The WolvHaven Metro Line 1 currently uses the latest M25CA rolling stock with a capacity of 25 people per train. The M25CA (standing for Metro 25 model C Automatic) is a rubber tyred train with a maximum speed of 0.6 b/t (blocks per tick) compared to the previous M25BA which has a maximum speed of 0.4 b/t

Step-free access

The entire line is not wheelchair accessible. Therefore, wheelchair users are unable to use this line despite entering City Hall station via lifts. Nevertheless, customers with luggage may travel between City Hall and Renaissance as escalators are provided at Renaissance.


Chronic Unreliability

The WolvHaven Metro Line 1 is the oldest rail line in the city, making it the hardest and most troublesome line in the entire system. The reliability of the line has fallen to 50% compared to 90% previously. Commuters in WolvHaven often refer to it as "The Troublesome 1" as it often has problems and breakdowns, causing people to avoid the line. However, since the FASTRACK upgrades, line 1 has become more reliable and efficient. Allowing for trains to run at a maximum frequency of 1 minute per train during special events and at normal frequency of 2 minutes per train.


  • Currently, Palais De Royal is the oldest station as there have been no revamp works at the station.
  • Renaissance is the only station to have an east-west alignment along the line.
  • Line 1 is the only line where all of its stations has side platforms. However, this is deemed false after the City Hall realignment works.
  • Republic station is very close to Government District station in terms of their entrances.
  • Doors open on the left only at City Hall northbound platform.
  • City Hall is the only wheelchair accessible station on the entire line.