National Front

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National Front
NAT Flag: "Bleeding Edge Reichtangle"
Party Overview
Founder ROM5419
Founded Early 2016 (National Progressive Front)
March 2017 (Pure Haven Party)
September 2017 (National Front)
Ideology Neo-Nationalism
Social Conservatism

The National Front (NAT) is a right-wing populist organisation that intends to restore WolvHaven's former prestige and prosperity before the Railtard Revolution. Their members advocate for nativist policies and positions on parliamentary bills in order to uphold the server community's original cultural values; as well as to regulate demographic shifts to prevent foreigners from accumulating too much influence. They view the server as currently under immense threat from rising infiltration, hostile espionage, and declarations of war by rival servers; system attacks by cyber-criminals, unsustainable brain drain, and mass unmanaged immigration.

They emphasise strengthening national sovereignty, prestige, and cultural identity; while reacting aggressively against perceived threats to these values. Additionally, they adhere to certain mainstream right-wing views such as reduced government intervention in directing WolvHaven's development; however they are adamantly secular and reject the use of religious views in justifying political actions, contrary to most conservative parties.

The party has previously drawn controversy for numerous social faux pas such as allegations of "race realist" beliefs, discrimination against younger citizens, rampant violations of rules A2 and A3, and conflicts of interest stemming from RAEL Corp corporate funding. Many previous supporters had turned their backs on the party after their failure to contest in the second general elections.

Notable Members

ROM5419 (Founder, Co-Leader), MachineMatster(Endermat96) (Co-Leader)


Make WolvHaven Great Again / Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Election Statement - 3rd General Elections October 2017

Should the National Front secure victory this general elections, expect the following bills from us:

  • Introduction of the interim Permanent Residency rank for successful citizen test takers.
  • Require a written self-introduction document from Permanent Residents for Citizen promotion.
  • Imposition of a maximum quota of citizenship promotions per month.
  • Merging the Discord Verified rank with the newly upgraded citizenship system.
  • Imposition of a citizen test ban for arrivals from blacklisted rival servers.
  • Discuss regulation and taxation on foreign franchises.
  • Enforce citizenship revocation for WolvHaveners convicted of espionage or treason.
  • Enforce membership revocation for Gardellia builders declaring secession or independence.
  • Overhaul of the current Warnings protocol from 3-strikes system to 2-strikes system.
  • Revitalise the Museums and Historical Structures of WolvHaven.
  • Legalise and expand Admin Shops to resolve the tourist food crisis.


Pure Haven Party
PHN Flag: "Vitality Resisting Decay"

The National Front was formerly known as Pure Haven Party (PHN) and National Progressive Front (NPF). Although they were officially registered in 2016, the origins of the party's motives can be traced back to the period of intense brain drain and activity decay in late 2014 after ROM5419 joined the server. Following an pioneering parliamentary motion to legalise the establishment of political parties in 2016, the National Progressive Front was erected by ROM5419. The party used to have a hardline, chauvinistic stance on server demographics and foreign relations (the "progressive" in their name was intentionally ironic for a conservative party, as they saw the aftermath of the Railtard Revolution as regressive and counterproductive); and were openly criticised by some WolvHaveners for their hostile rhetoric towards underprivileged citizens and immigrants from rival servers. The NPF lasted barely a week before all parties were immediately abolished after some brief left-vs-right unrest in the then immature political scene.

With the reintroduction of political parties and announcement of the 1st general election, the party was revived under the new name of Pure Haven while retaining the ideology championed by the former NPF. However, due to the rushed execution of the elections, the PHN was unable to prepare a proper manifesto and flopped embarrassingly in the pre-elections debate. Nevertheless, the party made headlines when they gathered enough votes (mostly from server staff) to assemble a formidable opposition under the ad-hoc Paradise Coalition with the WAP. Although they were involved in some noteworthy filibuster scenarios, expectations of the party faltered when they failed to uphold most of their statement promises during their tenure. Additionally, the PHN did not contest the 2nd general election because their leader ROM5419 was occupied with real-life work.

In September 2017, with the announcement of the 3rd general election, the party went through a full overhaul; rebranding itself as the National Front (NAT), with a new flag and colour scheme. The party's ideological stance has also shifted closer to the centre-right as the result of reality checks. Additionally, Endermat96 has been promoted to co-leader in preparation for ROM5419's eventual abdication.

(Archive) Election Statement - 1st General Elections April 2017

Pure Haven pledges to properly regulate the influence of un-integrated foreigners in WolvHaven affairs. A noteworthy case would be the controversially absolute "mentionable list" law, a necessary evil originally devised to safeguard our sovereignty by limiting the legal contextual domain of speech to WolvHaven only when using our chat services. However, the criminalisation of making direct references to other servers/communities has often ended up punishing more patriotic WH dual-nationals with interests in other servers than actual advertisers who ignore our laws anyway. Until the mentionable list law is overhauled for non-subversive speech, Pure Haven will oppose any reduction of the list unless the server/community in question has malevolent intentions. In response, we recommend optimising the enforcement of our world-renowned zero-tolerance advertising laws.

We are also against the unrestricted use of foreign languages in our server chat. Multiple languages would not only cause communication impediments and misinterpretations that could potentially be costly; but also encourage monolingual players to resist cultural integration and form language-based factions. Our server staff are already struggling to comprehend and moderate non-English text in real time; hence, by continuing to permit linguistic diversity, the frequency of illegal content bypassing our moderators' observations will never cease. Nevertheless, we understand that not everyone who shares our values speaks English; thus language classes and translation program use will still be welcome (with staff approval).

Additionally, we oppose the formation of the Gardellia Council and/or granting political autonomy to the institutions that inhabit the Gardellia world. The double standards inherent in such acts will give the impression that Gardellia operates under separate values, laws, principles etc; potentially corroding the position of Gardellia as colonial territory under central government authority. The region's political stability could be compromised by highly developed yet disobedient municipalities abusing such autonomy to demand independence. If Gardellians request for channels to voice their concerns and interests, they might as well do so appropriately via political parties and parliament.

We do share a conservative consensus with most other parties on Gardellian build rights, which is to resist abolishing builder applications. We believe Gardellia should have additional immigration procedures to protect our intricately designed architectural works and man-made landscapes from hostile invaders such as professional griefers, railtards with creative mode, and aggressive mayors who show no respect to geopolitics and their environment. Considering the number of unworthy Gardellia applicants that passed our flawed citizen application system, the application procedure might be the only thing keeping Gardellia from the fate of sandbox and Innovate. This is why almost everyone else supports it, and Pure Haven is no exception.

Lastly, we firmly despise the construction and development of illegal railway systems in the sandbox and laboratory. An iconic yet contentious element of WolvHaven sham culture, HiramTrams, as our veterans know them, are often built purely for the ignorant builders' gratification with no consideration for their visual and physical impact on surrounding builds and structures. Such systems, especially automated TrainCarts variations, waste server resources and contribute to server lag. Many of them are crudely set up and inconsistent in scale; this combined with their ubiquity provides a horrible first impression for newcomers to these worlds. Therefore, with the exception of specifically productive circumstances such as admin-sanctioned system testing, we demand that such railways continue to be outlawed server-wide.