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National Organization for Democracy (NOD)
NOD Emblem: "A Breath of Emancipation"
Party Overview
Founders quarxilon (National Front)
MC_Dunc (Democratiam)
Founded 2016 (National Front)
2017 (Democratiam)
2019 (Party Merger)
Dissolved 13 May 2020
Merger of      National Front
Merged into      Citizens for Democracy
Ideologies Liberal Conservatism
Liberal Nationalism
Universal Suffrage
Technocratic Meritocracy
Seats in House of Representatives
(at dissolve)
Seats in Senate (at dissolve)

The National Organization for Democracy (NOD) is a centre-right political party formed in 2019 from the merger of two political parties, namely National Front (NAT) and Democratiam (DEM). The party merger was initially suggested due to mutual respect, similarities in long-term objectives, and past collaboration in the Parliament scene as opposition forces, despite initially having conflicting political ideologies and etiquette. The emergence of a formidable ruling coalition, the large support base of DEM, the wisdom of the NAT, the annoyance of the crossbench (at the time), the shift in the domestic political spectrum, and the total preoccupation of both parties' members with real life commitments all prompted both parties to combine and contest as a unified entity in the 5th general election.

The most noteworthy event leading up to the merger was the passing of the Permanent Residency Bill, proposed by the NAT and supported by DEM, and which is currently being implemented. With the objectives of both constituent parties largely satisfied, the new objectives of the NOD will revolve around server security concerns, rival server belligerence, Fifth Haven development, and Transformation 2020.

MC_Dunc withdrew from the NOD shortly before the 7th general election and (unsuccessfully) attempted to disband the party, citing his loss of interest in Minecraft due to real life commitments. The party is therefore currently recruiting to bolster its manpower and develop its rapport with newer generations of players in the wake of intensifying political competition. Recently, they have decided to form a strategic alliance with the WolvHaven Architect Party to bolster their political influence, with a potential merger currently being deliberated on.

Active Roster (election candidates)

quarxilon, _lykan, MattySlav

Inactive Roster (currently on hiatus)



From Chaos, Comes Order

Latest Manifesto - 7th GE Jan 2020

Our pledges for this election will cover the following:

1. Ensuring the equitable and inclusive implementation of the Permanent Residency rank following the referendum.
2. Establishing channels for the public to unofficially vote on bills/motions to guide and apprise voting MPs.
Everyone of Citizen rank or above will be invited to vote on unofficial, non-binding polls posted in the Discord channels of particularly contentious bills/motions, before the MPs formally vote in #house-of-reps. This lets MPs know the opinions and desires of the citizens they represent, making them less likely to vote against their citizens' interests.
3. Advocating for increased opportunities for established Citizens to voice out on server/community affairs.
4. Exploring and proposing solutions to enable Independent parliamentarians in Discord Parliament sessions.
The full migration of Parliament to the Discord guild medium has resulted in increased participation by non-elected citizens, despite the recent dissolution of the Crossbench. We intend to further advance this trend by providing avenues for citizens with extraordinary ideas to stand for election to Parliament and vote on critical issues without the requirement of affiliation with any established party.
5. Proposing a public register for all MP votes (see WAP manifesto) for the sake of transparency.
The Hansard shall include logs of all votes and decisions made by each individual MP in every parliament session in that term, enabling the public to make informed decisions during or after general elections, by inferring voting trends and values-alignment among each MP; without having to tediously consult multiple Hansard records. This pledge was derived through partnership with WAP.
6. Proposing member count restrictions for parties to promote political diversity and prevent domination.
No party should be allowed to control more than 2/3 of available seats in the House of Representatives. This restriction would encourage large organizations to split into smaller parties with more opportunities to develop variations in ideology. The emergence of an apathetic, complacent one-party state could thus be avoided with the additional choices, competition, and cooperation afforded by the presence of more parties.
7. Ensuring that the interests of all elected parties are adequately represented in the Senate.
In previous parliamentary terms, the ruling FWH/CEN coalition was notably underrepresented in the Senate compared to the opposition. This time, we will propose legislation to empower every sufficiently large party to nominate at least one Senator regardless of their Staff rank, to mitigate potential bias within the Senate.
8. Overhauling and re-implementing the Immigration Test in Fifth Haven with crowd-sourced questions.
9. Promoting the construction of real-world embassies in Fifth Haven to exhibit WolvHaven's cultural diversity.

Archived Manifesto - 6th GE Jul 2019

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and ET CETERA!!!

Just kidding. The numbers refer to the previous election's pledges that still remain valid as of today.

Archived Manifesto - 5th GE Jan 2019

Our pledges for this election will cover the following:

  • Refining the implementation of Permanent Residency through data-driven analysis (e.g. plebiscites).
  • Reviewing the protocols used when dealing with threats and/or agents from belligerent foreign servers.
  • Reducing excessive bureaucracy for staff with regards to Transformation 2020.
  • Obtaining approval and drafting plans for Exposition 2021.
  • Decentralizing Fifth Haven development procedures and management.
  • Prioritizing the construction of educational structures in Fifth Haven as architect schools.
  • Overhauling the Immigration Test with crowd-sourced, peer-reviewed questions.
  • Introducing custom head galleries in Fifth Haven for interior designers.
  • Proposing bills to decommission the Forums and partition the bloated Discord server.

Election Results

Election Number of votes %age of votes Number of seats Members elected
January 2019
  • quarxilon
  • MC_Dunc
  • Mysticlorde
  • MachineMatster
July 2019
  • quarxilon
July 2020
  • quarxilon
  • _lykan