National Organization for Democracy

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National Organization for Democracy (NOD)
NOD Emblem: "A Breath of Emancipation"
Party Overview
Founders quarxilon (National Front)
MC_Dunc (Democratiam)
Founded 2016 (National Front)
2017 (Democratiam)
2019 (Party Merger)
Ideologies Liberal Conservatism
Semi-Direct Universal Suffrage
Centre-right politics

The National Organization for Democracy (NOD) was formed on the second week of 2019 from the merger of two political parties, namely National Front (NAT) and Democratiam (DEM). The party merger was initially suggested due to mutual respect, similarities in long-term objectives, and past collaboration in the Parliament scene as opposition forces, despite initially having conflicting political ideologies and etiquette. The emergence of a formidable ruling coalition, the large support base of DEM, the wisdom of the NAT, the annoyance of the crossbench, the shift in the domestic political spectrum, and the total preoccupation of both parties' members with real life commitments all prompted both parties to combine and contest as a unified entity in the upcoming 5th general election.

The most noteworthy event leading up to the merger was the passing of the Permanent Residency Bill, proposed by the NAT and supported by DEM, and which is currently being implemented. With the objectives of both constituent parties largely satisfied, the new objectives of the NOD will revolve around server security concerns, rival server belligerence, Fifth Haven development, and Transformation 2020.


quarxilon @ROM5419, MC_Dunc, Mysticlorde @FirestormXR, MachineMatster @Endermat96


From Chaos, Comes Order (English) // Ordo Ab Chao (Latin)

Election Statement - 5th General Elections January 2019

Our pledges for this election will cover the following:

  • Refining the implementation of Permanent Residency through data-driven analysis (e.g. plebiscites).
  • Reviewing the protocols used when dealing with threats and/or agents from belligerent foreign servers.
  • Reducing excessive bureaucracy for staff with regards to Transformation 2020.
  • Obtaining approval and drafting plans for Exposition 2021.
  • Decentralizing Fifth Haven development procedures and management.
  • Prioritizing the construction of educational structures in Fifth Haven as architect schools.
  • Overhauling the Immigration Test with crowd-sourced, peer-reviewed questions.
  • Introducing custom head galleries in Fifth Haven for interior designers.
  • Proposing bills to decommission the Forums and partition the bloated Discord server.

Election Results

Election Number of votes %age of votes Number of seats Members elected
January 2019