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Nelsonburg Flag
Mayor sambrose
Founded 28.12.2016
Station Code GN6

Nelsonburg is a city in Gardellia located at the Green Line station GN6. You can also travel via Kralyn Airport to Nelsonburg, since Kralyn is bordered by Nelsonburg in the west. It was founded in december 2016 by sambrose. Nelsonburg itself is made up of 11 districts controlled by the council of Nelsonburg.


Nelsonburg was founded by sambrose & Blalex on the 28th of december in 2016, shortly after Gardellia opened. The first houses were build at the "Friedensplatz", where two of the most important trade routes ("Hansastraße" & "Hellweg") crossed each other. The "Friedensplatz" was and still is the middle of the city. In early 2017 a Trump wall was established to control the border between Kralyn and Nelsonburg. The Trump wall was roughly set up halfway between the two town's railway stations to avoid possible border issues in future development. However came under controversy by the governments of the Deuserreich and the Magdalerreich. For they claimed the mayor of Kralyn to be a hypocrite. For if the mayor may build walls outside city limits, then why couldn't they build out of their limits. In response the wall was taken down and a warning was given to all parties involved. The wall was replaced with block markers by the Council of Nelsonburg. In 2017 Nelsonburg and the city of Haldenstein signed a contract to support their cooperation in terms of economy and travelling. These two cities are now known as "Partner Cities". Since then, they have very good relations. On October the 21st in 2017, the confederation of Westphalia has been established. It is a union between the Cities of Kralyn, Konstanz, Jinol, Boltenhagen and Nelsonburg. The confederation introduced free travel in between the borders of the named cities and strengthened the relations and cooperation under their members.


Nelsonburg is located in the northeast of Gardellia along the Gardellian Ocean, bordered by Kralyn in the east, Jinol in the south-east and Konstanz in the west. It is located at the river "Oder" which is known for beeing the border to Kralyn and Jinol in the east & south-east of Nelsonburg. The city is located in two different biomes: The roofed forest in the northern & eastern parts and the "Tremonian Plain" in the center & southern parts of the city. The district Nelsonburg-Hafen is directly situated at the Gardellian Ocean, in the Westphalian Bay.


This is a list of sights in Nelsonburg plus their address:

  • Historic Trainstation Nelsonburg-Dammtor Bismarckplatz 2-6
  • Nelsonburg Historic District
  • City Hall Museum, Bahnhofsplatz 2
  • Liebfrauen Church, Gänsemarkt 3
  • Nelsonburg Union Brewery (+ Unions College), Westentorplatz
  • Nelsonburg Harbour
  • Westfalenhalle (Ice Hockey Stadium), Adlerweg 1
  • Medival Wall of Nelsonburg, Ostwall
  • Coalmine "Zeche Minister Stein", Steigerstraße 9-11
  • Cultural Centre "Nordmarktkiez"

Partner Cities

In the early 2017, the mayor of Nelsonburg invented the idea of partner cities. The first so called partner city of Nelsonburg was Haldenstein, the capital of the Deuserreich in South Gardellia.

List of partner cities: Haldenstein


Nelsonburg is a very hard working town as its roots are in the coal industry. The sports teams of Nelsonburg are representing that. The Nelsonburg Ice Eagles are the team that is being supported the most with a fanclub called 'Adlercrew'. They reached the GHL cup playoffs in 2018 and won the GHL Cup. The football team however folded before the league even started.