Office of Corporations

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Office of Corporations
Ofcorp transparent.png
Ofcorp Overview
Formed 3 August 2018
Headquaters N/A
Motto N/A
Parent Ministry Ministry for Finance

The Office of Corporations (Ofcorp) is the statutory agency in charge of registering and overseeing corporations within WolvHaven. Small companies are not required to be registered with Ofcorp but if they wish to be recognised by the government, and therefore be able to work directly with the government, they must register with Ofcorp to become a registered corporation. Large corporations must register with Ofcorp so that the government is able to work with them directly on various matters.

Registered Corporations

This is a list of corporations that have registered with Ofcorp and are recognised by the WolvHaven government

Company Name Owner
Centreum.M & May Concepts Ltd MatthieuTofu & CM_Raiders
Anderson Group minebuilder1223
CloudCastle TheLamborghini
sS Corp _sssssSpamuel
Apia Inc Baymax1020
TomiCorp Tomi_Crosoft
Pyron Corporation boomdoom_
Pixel's Corp. Pixelixel
Myst Corporation Mysticlorde
Sandridge Holdings hinwapoon
RAEL Corp quarxilon
Apex Inc mopsistudios
lorem ipsum corporation chickenjoshbwak
Viniture VincentLUMCFan
AutoBus Companies autobus22
ACCL Aldranster50
ECO Group of Companies _AngelKevin_
Freshee Tea WH woorich999
MineCorp Minecrafter_11
WolvHaven Special Logistics (WHSL) supergamer112


To register as a corporation, follow this link-