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The Palm Ridge Suns are a professional ice hockey team owned by Ziggy85 that's based in Palm Ridge. They are a member of the Western Division of the Gardellia Hockey League.


The Palm Ridge Suns were the first team to enter the Gardellia Hockey League early in 2017. Their home, the Mark Air Centre was originally located downtown, but was moved due to having limited space, bad lighting, and awkward seating. The stadium was moved to a more remote location next to the Gardellian Temples which provided more space and parking.

The Team Today

The citizens of Palm Ridge might not always get along, but this team sure does help unite them. The Mark Air Centre is loud during every home game, and with the help of the team's mascot Sunburn the Dragon pumping up the crowd (which is known to be quite verbally hostile to visiting teams) this Suns squad can be one formidable opponent.

Logo, Colours, and Jersey

Since Palm Ridge is partly located in a desert, it would make sense for the logo to be a giant sun. The logo is yellow on the inside, orange on the border, and has little yellow dots on the outside. The yellow bits on the outside, while looking like the sun's depicted radiation at first glance, actually represents how the town comes together over the team.

The home jersey, which is supposed to be dark for all teams, was made black as black fits well with any colour and is an intimidating colour to begin with. On the torso there are yellow, orange, and white chevrons to match the sun in the middle. On the arms there is a white stripe between two orange stripes. The number on the back is orange.

The away jersey, which is supposed to be light for all teams, was made white to be the exact opposite of black. The shorts were kept black as to look appealing to the eye. The chevrons were kept the same except with the colour white being replaced with black. The stripes on the arms were changed to a black stripe between two orange stripes. The number on the back was still orange.

The third jersey, or the "alternate" jersey can be worn at home or away. This jersey is primarily orange, and the sun in the middle was changed to orange in the centre with yellow on the border and white radiation dots. The chevrons were taken away and replaced with a single black bold stripe around the waist. The black shorts were kept for this jersey. The stripes on the arms were now a white stripe between two black stripes. The number on the back was changed to black.