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WolvHaven Province
Established 2016
Federalization 2017
World Information
Seed N/A
Area ???
World Type Default
Capital City ???
Largest City Unknown
Governor Vacant
Chief Minister Vacant
Legislature Parliament of Pangaea
W.H. Senators Axton (IP)
GukkyGukz (WAP)
W.H. MPs hinwapoon (FWH)
Mysticlorde (DEM)
Number_21 (HGP)

Pangaea is a Survival Multiplayer World in Wolvhaven .Players play in a survival world like how you do when you are in single player survival. Unlike WolvHaven City, Pangaea is a world where you need to play survival like normal with no help. Hunt for food, chop wood, etc, is all done yourself, like a typical survival world.