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Parliament House
Front of the Parliament House
Building Overview
Architectural style Hybrid (Classical & Gothic)
World/State WolvHaven (Temp. Lab)
Town/City WolvHaven (Temp. Lab)
Co-ordinates x: -382 z: -115
Construction Started 14 September 2017
Completed 10 October 2017
Cost WH$575,000
Owner His Excellency, the President
Design & Construction
Chief Architect SilverWolv
  • SilverWolv
  • GukkyGukz
  • CackleFresh
  • JuliusMS
  • _AngelKevin_

Parliament House, also known as The palace of administration and legislation, the representatives and senators, spiritual and temporal of the Federal Republic of WolvHaven, Gardellia and Pangaea is the official meeting place for the Parliament of WolvHaven. The building was designed by various architects and was inaugurated on the 21 October 2017 by the President.

The building houses the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers, the Hall of Valiancy, several offices of Members of Parliament, the house of the Speaker and 2 Committee Rooms.


The current Parliament House is the 5th official meeting place for the Parliament of WolvHaven in WolvHaven's history. The previous iteration, the provisional parliament house was destroyed in a fire.

City Hall, 2012

When the 1st Parliament of WolvHaven was established, it met in the City Hall of WolvHaven at the period of the time. The building was rather small and could only house a maximum of 5 seats, including the speaker's chair and desk. There was very little space and no option for the addition of newer seats.

The parliament of WolvHaven in 2012 met in the small city hall of wolvhaven

City Hall, 2013

Main Article: City Hall (New Haven)

Parliament House, 2015

The 3rd Parliament of WolvHaven met in the first parliament house of WolvHaven. The building is built in a classical style with modern modifications to it. Its most signficiant feature is its glass dome which sat over the chamber, allowing natural sunlight to flow into the building. This was inspired by he Reichstag building of Germany. The building was a well known landmark of the city, sitting on the sides of the Government District Park, next to the Civic Centre.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th Parliaments of WolvHaven met in the Parliament House of 2015

The building would later go on to become even more famous when it was the main subject of the Plagiarism Scandal of 2016 where another server owner stole the design of the Parliament building and built an exact replica of it on his own server. The only difference made was the changing out of the WolvHaven logo for the other server's logo instead. He later went to an online forum and claimed the design as his and used it in applications for builder ranks.

This eventually led to the discovery that he had been plagiarizing major parts of WolvHaven and downloaded parts of the city without consent. Several WolvHaven builds had also been found on the other server when an investigation was conducted after it was exposed.

The Scandal was exposed in September 2016 by an anonymous user that went by the name of "Zacy". The identity of this whistle-blower remains unknown till this day.

Provisional Parliament House, 2017

Chamber of the House of Representatives in the Provisional Parliament House

With the introduction of the Mixed Member Proportionate system, it was evident that WolvHaven needed a new Parliament Building. The new parliament building was to be the temporary home of the Parliament of WolvHaven until a more permanent structure was completed. It featured voting lobbies for the first time in WolvHaven History and provided space for committee rooms as committees were introduced.

It was originally intended for the Parliament chamber to be in an elongated U shape. However, this proved too challenging to build. Therefore, it was built in a straight formation instead. Before the start of the construction of the current parliament house, there was debate over whether a new parliament house was even needed. Some had even suggested keeping the existing building and retrofitting it to address several design flaws.

There were several design flaws with the building. Most notably because the interior was hard to fit in due to the exterior of the building and alignment of the windows. The building also used land space very inefficiently as a portion of the allocated land was not used.

Eventually, the decision was made for the MPs instead when the building burnt down, destroying the whole building. The cause of the fire still remains unknown today.


Built in a Hybrid style by accident, the building which shows a mix of Gothic and Classical architecture, the present building gives off an authoritative yet caring impression.

"The Hybrid European style of the building gives off the vibe where the sovereign cares." -ROM5419, Senator

The parliament house is 177m long by 137m wide and is 3 storeys tall built with symmetry in mind. As such, the North and Southern wings of the building are identical.

The exterior sandstone walls designed by JuliusMS feature large windows that are 3m wide and 4m tall. These window also feature a quartz frame around it accompanied by triangular and flat styled overhangs.

Meanwhile, its brick roof was designed by SilverWolv and features multiple quartz dormer windows that vary in different sizes across the building.

House of Representatives Chamber

Senate Chamber

Committee Rooms

Hall of Valiancy


Tower of Harmony