Parliament of Gardellia

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Parliament of Gardellia
Type Unicameral
Houses Gardellian Assembly
Founded 2017
President of WolvHaven HE SilverWolv
Since 3 April 2012
Governor of Gardellia Vacant
Since 1 October 2017
Speaker of the Gardellian Assembly {{{To be confirmed}}}
Since 1 October 2017
Seats Unknown
Meeting place
The Hill, Gardellia Central
Gardellia, WolvHaven

The Parliament of Gardellia (also referred as Gardellia Parliament) is the legislative branch of Gardellia. It consists of two elements: the President, the Gardellian Assembly. The parliament was established in 2017.

The only house - Gardellian Assembly is where representatives of various cities across Gardellia meet to discuss and settle plans and issues from around the region. Issues within town borders are not dealt with in the council since it would be infringing on people's rights to their creativity and freedoms.

The President is the owner of the server. The President has the power to veto any passed bills.


Terms of Parliament

Term Elected in/Started in Government
1st Parliament of Gardellia October 2017 No Parties