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Parliament of the Federal Republic of WolvHaven
9th Parliament
Parliament of WolvHaven.png
Type Bicameral
Houses Senate
House of Representatives
Founded 2012
President of WolvHaven HE SilverWolv, IP
Since 3 April 2012
Presiding Officer of the Senate HE. SilverWolv, IP
Since 1 April 2017
Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. _AngelKevin_, IP
Since 5 May 2018
Seats 26
consisting of
9 Senators
17 Members of Parliament (MPs)
Senate voting system Appointment by the President
House of Representatives voting system Mixed Member Proportionate
House of Representatives last election April 2018
House of Representatives next election in or by January 2019
Meeting place
Parliament House
Laboratory, WolvHaven
(To be move to Captiol Island, WolvHaven City by end of 2019)

The Parliament of WolvHaven (also referred as Federal Parliament) is the legislative branch of WolvHaven. It consists of three elements: the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The parliament was established in 2012 and is one of the few functioning parliaments in Minecraft.

The lower house - the House of Representatives is a democratically elected body whose members are known as Members of Parliament (MP). However, since 2015, citizens of WolvHaven may come in and speak/vote on issues. They are known as independents as they provide an independent perspective on issues, away from the clutches of party whips.

The upper house - the Senate is a group of specially selected members based on their expertise by the President himself. Currently, most members of the Senate are admins of the server and one member is appointed by the President. Before Endermat96's win in the administrator elections of 2016, it had a mix of admins and moderators. The job of the Senate is to scrutinize any of the bills passed by the House of Representatives and make amendments or recommendations to the bill. Should there be disagreement, the Senate has the power to remove the bill.

The President is the owner of the server. The President has the power to veto any passed bills and introduce temporary laws to tackle any emergency situations that may concern the server. Should the temporary law be made permanent, it will have to go through the House of Representatives and the Senate.


First established in the City Hall of WolvHaven in 2012, the Parliament of WolvHaven - then known as the General Assembly was a Unicameral legislative branch. The then parliament house/assembly hall had a total of 4 seats - excluding the speaker/president's chair. In 2013 however, this temporarily ended as there was no chamber built in the new world.

After the NewWolvHaven era city was well established in 2015, a parliament building and chamber was finally built and the MPs were shifted to the Legislative Council (now the Senate).

The new MPs were selected by the Legislative Council - known as Appointed Members of Parliament (AMPs). However, later in 2016 parliament was made open to the public where citizens could come in and speak, propose & vote on motions/bills. In mid-2016, a bill to allow the formation of political parties was passed and the WolvHaven Socialist Party (known as      National Conservative Party, now dissolved, part of      Forward WolvHaven) and the National Progressive Front (now known as      National Front) was formed. However, all parties were temporarily disbanded due to unrest caused by the WolvHaven Socialist Party.

In 2017, a brand new system was introduced where general elections would be held under a Mixed Member Proportionate system where the percentage of votes a party has determined the percentage of the seats they have in Parliament. Along with the new system is a new Parliament Building and chamber which meant that for the first time, the House of Representatives and the Senate would have their own separate chambers within the same building.

The last parliament session under the original 2016 parliamentary system was held on the 1st April 2017. After which, parliament was dissolved and the new system was put into effect.

Select Committees

The Parliament of WolvHaven also includes committees about different topics.

Currently, the Parliament of WolvHaven have 3 committees, which are

  • Architect Committee - They examine and review architect applications and review policies that involve architects
  • Driver Committee - They are the examiners who perform tests on aspiring metro operators and review policies regarding metro operators
  • Home Affairs Committee - They examine the local issues that surround the WolvHaven community.

For Committee Members list, click here

Terms of Parliament

Term Elected in/Started in Government
Staff Only Era
1st Parliament of WolvHaven 2012 No Parties
2nd Parliament of WolvHaven 2013
Appointed Members of Parliament Era
3rd Parliament of WolvHaven April 2015 Members of Staff
4th Parliament of WolvHaven May 2015
Independents Only Era
5th Parliament of WolvHaven 2016 Members of Staff
Mixed Member Proportionate Era
6th Parliament of WolvHaven April 2017 SGNP-NCP-CEN Coalition

(      South Gardellian National Party,      National Conservative Party,      The Centre )

7th Parliament of WolvHaven July 2017 United Progressive Coalition

(      Party for Gardellia,      South Gardellian National Party,      The Centre )

8th Parliament of WolvHaven October 2017
9th Parliament of WolvHaven April 2018 FWH-DEM Coalition

(      Forward WolvHaven,      Democratiam )

FWH-DEM-CEN Coalition

(      Forward WolvHaven,      Democratiam,      The Centre )

10th Parliament of WolvHaven January 2019 TBC

List of members

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