Parliament of WolvHaven/3rd

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3rd Parliament of WolvHaven
Parliament of WolvHaven.png
Term 11 April 2015 - 31 May 2015
Election N/A
Government Members of Staff
Type Unicameral
Houses House of Representatives
House of Representatives
Seats N/A
Government Members of Staff
Opposition N/A
Crossbench N/A
Speaker of the House ROM5419
Leader of the House N/A
Prime Minister N/A
Leader of the Opposition N/A
President HE, SilverWolv
Meeting Place
Parliament House
New WolvHaven, WolvHaven

The 3rd Parliament of WolvHaven was a meeting of the legislative branch of the WolvHaven Government, composed of the House of Representatives. It met in the Parliament House in New WolvHaven from 11 April 2015 to 31 May 2015

Notable Events



House of Representatives

Seats: 27


  •      Independent ROM5419, MP, Speaker
  •      Independent SilverWolv, MP


  •      Independent SilverWolv, MP
  •      Independent mashP0tatoes, MP
  •      Independent y0urs_Tru1y, MP
  •      Independent xCogswell, MP
  •      Independent DiamondStew, MP
  •      Independent SarcasticClam, MP
  •      Independent Ziggy85, MP (Added)
  •      Independent ROM5419, MP (Added)
  •      Independent Techladdie, MP (Added)
  •      Independent KenChu, MP (Added)


  •      Independent JuliusMS, AMP, Leader of AMP
  •      Independent Autobus22, AMP, Vice-Leader of AMP
  •      Independent Blibo, AMP
  •      Independent MinecraftSBC, AMP
  •      Independent DannyPokemon, AMP
  •      Independent Ubuntuu, AMP
  •      Independent MrDasky, AMP
  •      Independent Stringle55, AMP
  •      Independent DaftC, AMP
  •      Independent ian52413, AMP
  •      Independent CoolioRockstar7, AMP
  •      Independent Nathomil, AMP
  •      Independent FoxBuddy101, AMP
  •      Independent FoxBuddy202, AMP
  •      Independent CGE1470, AMP
  •      Independent Ferrari920, AMP (New)
  •      Independent UKGUK, AMP (New)
  •      Independent hinwapoon, AMP (New)
  •      Independent KenChu, AMP (Moved to MP)
  •      Independent Laz3r2003, AMP (Removed)
  •      Independent Graweeel, AMP (Removed)
  •      Independent jReiddon, AMP (Removed)
  •      Independent ChristophWalkner, AMP (Removed)