Party for Gardellia

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Party for Gardellia
Party Overview
Leader/Founder minebuilder1223
Founded/Registered 30th March 2017
Dissolved 25th March 2018
Political Stance Centre-Left

The Party for Gardellia (PFG) was a Centre-Left party that strived to bring together the large and diverse community of Gardellia to represent the region and its issues in the WolvHaven Parliament. It also had the goal of more autonomy and self-rule for Gardellia such as more Political and Judicial institutions which it achieved.

About the Party

The Party for Gardellia (PFG) was a centre-left political party in WolvHaven. We passed legislation allowing for the establishment of a devolved Gardellian Assembly. We brought the community together, worked together, traded together, prospered together and stamped out the divisions which undermine the region. We also believed in improving the current city of WolvHaven by pushing forward good communal projects and assisted in making Fifth Haven the best city yet. We also strongly believed that the Economy is a vital part of the workings of WolvHaven and therefore needs to be fairer and more equal to the many different people of WolvHaven. Our manifesto was:

  • Introduce a second Economy Reset which will be planned and scrutinsed very carefully and prepared to represent all of WolvHaven and what is necessary for a successful Reset of the Economy.
  • Stop land exploitation of cities, whereby they take excessive amounts of land by placing few buildings far apart.
  • Fully support the Introduction of the Gardellian Assembly and make changes if necessary to ensure the Assembly can function as planned.
  • Establish a Committee to investigate the feasability and necessity of a Gardellian land expansion to be better prepared for such an eventuality.
  • Loosening regulations on the mentioning of servers to ensure for increased freedom of expression.
  • Begin a process of developing the role and importance of Government which would include a set of bills which, together, will make WolvHaven more dependant on the Elected Government Rather than the President.

About the Leader (minebuilder1223)

I am proud to lead this party as I have been rooting for more power being handed to Gardellia since it's opening. I believe I have the knowledge to lead this party since I helped to build the region before opening and so I know all of the ins and outs of Gardellia. I was expecting before opening that some form of Government would be provided to the region to govern its own issues and community. Unfortunately, this was not so and the issue has not been put forward to Parliament. Therefore I created this party with the goal of Establishing an Assembly Government and a Council for gard devolved from the central government in WolvHaven.

Party Statements

Party Headquarters

The Meridian Building, Gospley, Gardellia, BN2/YN2


     Party for Gardellia has been merged with      National Conservative Party to form      Forward WolvHaven, to have a stronger government in power.


For Equality. For Freedom. For Gardellia.

Members (at dissolve)

  • minebuilder1223, MP, Prime Minister
  • CackleFresh, MP
  • _AngelKevin_, MP
  • _Bromley, MP
  • VincentLUMCFan
  • chan34kelvin
  • __Samuel__
  • DNP_10
  • Blibo