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RegioLinQ Qtrack
Public Transport System
Owner: autobus22 (RegioLinQ)
Other Builders: none
Est. Total track length 1km
Line(s): 2
Overall Service Rate Unknown
Q1, Q2

QTrack was a light metro system designed to serve the upper WolfMinster area. The line was planned to serve La Resistance, Financial Centre, East Rock Hospital, University and Parkroyal in areas that were not served as well by Metro. The system had 6 stations and would run 12 car trains at intervals of 2 minutes.

Opening in 2015, the system soon met with much controversy and was eventually shut down and has since been demolished. Qtrack has since been designated as the name of any future light metro systems owned by RegioLinQ


WolvHaven was expanding into the upper WolfMinster area with new office buildings and skyscrapers being completed along with several metro extension projects that were built while the city grew such as the Line 1 & Line 2 La Resistance extension projects and the new Metro Line 3. Plans were also in place for the new Metro Line 4 extension and BERT Circle and WolfMinster lines. Due to the large number of new lines and planned projects, the ground underneath East Rock Hospital was getting congested.

Autobus22, CEO of RegioLinQ proposed a 6 station light metro system titled Qtrack that would serve the developing La Resistance district. The argument was that the areas where Qtrack would serve were not served well enough by Metro and Qtrack would help to close these gaps in service. The proposed system would call for new twin tunnels to be bored underneath the city along with 6 brand new stations and 13 brand new trains to cater to the system.

The idea of a light rail in the Central Business District (CBD) was not new. In early 2014, it there were plans to build either a monorail similar to the one in Sydney, Australia or a light rail system just like the Docklands Light Railway in London.


After approval in 2014, construction began and 4 tunnel boring machines were used to excavate the tunnels. A cut and cover method was employed to build the stations and in early 2015, the first line from La Resistance to Shinzou was opened. Shortly after, the line between East Rock Hospital and Jourdain opened.


After a series of disputes and controversies, the system was shut down and demolished. Tunnels and stations were all filled up and demolished. A short section of one of Qtrack's tunnels can still be seen at the University Metro Station. It is linked by a long narrow passageway behind a door.

Controversy & Disputes

After the line opened, controversy soon surrounded the system. The system saw low ridership and was relatively slow due to the sharp curves at Brochant station. The stations were also not very comfortable and spacious, with narrow corridors and platforms which gave passengers a cramped feeling. The headroom at Brochant was only 3m high and 2.5m high at certain areas due to overhead signage and train arrival displays. The curved platforms at Brochant was also relatively narrow and dangerous at the ends.

Metro & BERT

After Qtrack opened, it was soon revealed that Metro and BERT could not continue works on Metro Line 4 and the Circle Line respectively. This was largely due to the land underneath being crowded with the existing Line 3 tunnels and the Qtrack system. It also made it such that Line 4's extension could not continue as the Qtrack passageways were blocking the way of the tunnel. BERT would also have to make an impossible dive underneath both Qtrack and Line 4's tunnels.

This would mean that the original Metro Masterplan which had been laid out in early 2014 would need a massive change and that BERT would have to terminate the Circle and WolfMinster line projects.

Soon, there were disputes between Metro and Qtrack as Metro tunneling activity had damaged the brochant Qtrack station although it had already warned that the station not be built such that it would obstruct its path.

The City

The City was also not pleased with the naming of certain stations as the area where these stations were built already had a name but only created more confusion due to the names.

SilverWolv was especially displeased with the names Guaston, Shinzou and Jourdain, saying that these names were terrible and did not fit into the city at all and was starting to cause confusion. It was also mentioned that giving these names was like trying to officially rename parts of the city and that Qtrack had no right to do so.