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RAEL Group of Companies
Strenuis Ardua Cedunt
RAEL Corporation
Headquarters Akashic Tower V, 1E15A (Global)
Divisions AgriGen, R²D², Geotechnics, REF, AmberCross, MetroRAEL, QXV, ExMachina
Cooperative Projects University of WolvHaven, Project WINNER
J. Group
Manager jamess2912
Divisions Catering, Hospitality, Facilities, Transit

ROM5419's Avant-garde Engineering Laboratories, or RAEL Corporation, is a large interserveral privately-owned entity that manages and dominates the RAEL Group of Companies. It is headquartered within the Akashic Tower and Centrael Square Gallery complex in WolvHaven, between the Dakota Transit Hub and the University of WolvHaven main campus. RAEL has previously established itself as a formidable player in WolvHaven's post-Holodomor food supply business, but is now involved in many aspects of civil engineering and urban development throughout the city as a result of CEO ROM5419's new [Admin] powers. The corporation's greatest achievements so far include first introducing the concept of vertical farming to New Hollow, reconstructing the University of WolvHaven at its original location (the original campus was burnt down during the Cultural Revolution), and rebuilding the Akashic Tower multiple times to break the Minecraft height limit.

Corporate History

RAEL was initially founded in late 2014 as ROM5419 Engineering Incorporated (REI), devised as a franchise that binds ROM5419's then sole business in the city (now AgriGen Marketplace) with REI's estate in New Hollow. But it wasn't until ROM attained the Architect rank in early 2015 that the company began to evolve to what it is today. Most associated projects were regarding New Hollow, Innovate, Sandbox, and the Gardellia 1.0 city of Cochrane, until the contract to rebuild the University of WolvHaven, along with the reservation of plot 1E15A for the Akasha Tower complex, was granted to REI in Q2 2015. REI was then renamed to RAEL in Q3 2015 during a massive corporate rebranding effort. During the ICSU stint, RAEL attempted to expand its operations to other servers, but ultimately failed, and remained confined to WolvHaven until 2016.

Companies and Franchises under RAEL Group

  • J. Group, an independent commensal company by jamess2912 that voluntarily co-operates with RAEL in projects within WolvHaven server.
  • RAEL Agricultural Genesis Project (AgriGen), involved in farming, New Hollow developments, and management of the Marketplace chain of stores.
  • RAEL Research and Development Division (R²D²), involved in scientific R&D, engineering breakthroughs, server optimisation, and think tanks.
  • RAEL Geotechnics and Construction Division, venturing into architecture, civil engineering, and geological surveying
  • RAEL Education Foundation (REF), which operates the University of WolvHaven, the Auriga Bookstore franchise, and hands out scholarships for meritorious UWH students.
  • RAEL Live Broadcasting Service (RLBS), a mass media company in charge of delivering "sufficiently independent and reasonably biased" news to citizens.
  • Amber Cross, the real estate wing of RAEL, in charge of city property ownership, land holdings, and mass residential projects.
  • MetroRAEL Mobility, the transportation wing of RAEL, bids for WolvHaven Metro concessions, builds transport systems, and upgrades city roads.
  • ExMachina Motorworks, builds road vehicles, rail vehicles, heavy machinery, aircraft, and aquatic vessels.
  • QixiVision Electronics (QXV), sells electronic products, large information/advertising screens, and redstone mechanisms
  • University of WolvHaven, 50% share in ownership, along with the Ministry of Education
  • Project WINNER, financed, supplied, and operated in partnership with the Internal Defence Agency (IDA).