Rockham Constituency Party

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Rockham Constituency Party
Party Overview
Founder Aldranster50
Founded 18/06/2017
Abbreviation RCP
Headquaters Rockham Town Hall, Rockham (RN3)

The RCP [Rockham Constituency Party] Is The Newest Legal Party To Have Been Formed On Wolvhaven [Forming On 18/06/17], And Has Participated In 2 General Elections.


The Rockham Constituency Party Was Founded On 18/06/17 By Aldranster50 In The Town Hall Of Rockham. The Party Confirmed Entry Into July's Election On 21/06/17. The Party Was Registered On 21/06/17. The Party Won A Seat In Parliament With The Announcement On 2/7/17. The Party Did Not Win A Seat In October 2017 Elections


Aldranster50 (Leader)

Approved Bills And Proposed Bills

Track Maitenance Act (Aldranster50) (Approved) This Bill Was Proposed After Issues Of Track Dissapearing On M7.

South Westford Island Habitation Bill (Aldranster50) (Unaccpeted) This Bill Aimed To Provide More Housing And Shops In Wolvhaven, But Was Not Passed.

Wolvhaven Shop Clearance Bill (Aldranster50) This Bill Aims To Free Up Space In Congested Areas Of Wolvhaven, So New Oppurtunites Can Rise.

Greif Cover Bill (Aldranster50) This Bill Aims For More Power Of The Player For Minor/Major Greif Issues.

Pangea Railway Spawn Restriction Revision Bill (Aldranster50) A Bill Is Required As It Was Put Up Using The Old System, So This Aims For Players To Build Railways Closer To Spawn, But With Restrictions Where It Applys.

Wiki Probibation Bill (Aldranster5) This bill aims to allow users to delete User:(name) wiki pages that have links

Results after the elections

Election Number of votes Percentage of votes Number of seats Members elected
July 2017


October 2017


The RCP Has Been Looking For New Members Ever Since Its Formation In Mid-2017, And Its Now At A Point Where Joining The RCP Is Vital. Please Get In Contact With 'Aldranster50' Ingame Or On Discord If You Wish To Join.