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Rockham United Is A Team In The GFA Premier Division. It Was Founded In 1968


When The GFA Was Established In 1966, Cities Near Rockham, Including Dalesburg (defunct), Gray (defunct), Castlenau Le Lez, Gospley (defunct) & Palm Ridge All Had Teams When The League Only Had 3 Divisions, The Choice To Make A Football Club Started In 1968 When 2 More Divisions Were Added. Blame Was Aimed At The Rockham Constituency Party, RCC & The Fact That The RCP Wasn't Able To Keep A Seat For The 1967-1970 Parliamentary Term. The RCC Announced Plans In 1968 That They Would Start A Football Club Called 'Rockham United'. There First Home Was At East Beach Fields, With The Team Having A 200-Seat Capacity Stadium. The Team Experienced 5 Promotions & 2 Relegations In Seven Seasons And Were In The 2nd Division (Southern National). In 1977, The Parliament Of Wolvhaven Passed A Law Stating That All Teams Required A 250-Seater Stadium If In The 3rd Division Or Above Due To The Heavy Losses Following Dalesburg FC Extinction With -£68000000 In The City-Councils Budget. In 1978, RCC Announced That They Would Move Into A New Stadium Called 'Island Stadium'. They Returned To East Beach Between 1988 & 1991 During The Upgrade Of Island Stadium, With East Beach Fields Holding The Record For Hosting An MFC Champions League Match With The Lowest Capacity At 168 Against 'Land Of Blumpbe FC'.

Stadium Changes

Stadium Capacity Years Stayed
Dalesburg Arena N/A 1968 - 1970
East Beach Fields 200 1970 - 1978
Island Stadium 268 1978 - 1988
East Beach Fields 250 1988 - 1991
Island Stadium 369 1991 - 2000
427 2000 - 2001
455 2001 - Present