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WolvHaven Territory
Established 2012
World Information
Size ??
World Type PlotMe
Number of resets 5
Administrator Vacant
W.H. MPs Vacant

The Sandbox is a territory that was made in 2012 to add some fun to the server. The world uses the PlotMe generator but does not have the anti-grief protection working. Players are free to build in any plot as long as it is empty or is not taken. Players may claim a plot by placing a sign on their desired plot.

Getting to Sandbox

To get to The SandBox world, you can take the Airplane at Mechanicsburg Airport or through the old spawn portals.


Sandbox rules are available on the WolvHaven Website.

What is Sandbox for

Sandbox is similar to Gardellia and is for users who want to build creative stuff within plots. Before Gardellia Existed, Sandbox was the only world for citizens to build in a creative setting.