Sandridge Holdings

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Sandridge Holdings
CEO hinwapoon
Chairman Vacant
Headquarters Sandridge
Owner Government of Sandridge
Founded 16 March 2018
Subsidiaries Game Land

Sandridge Holdings is a company owned by Government of Sandridge, which mainly operate Game Land

Game Land

Game Land is a subsidiary of Sandridge Holdings, which own 50% of it, which operate all divisions of Game Land. It currently have two divisions. Founded in July 2015.


No. Location
 1st  Sandbox
 2nd  Flungderhaven


IThings is a subsidiary of Sandridge Holdings which sell electronics products. It currently have two shops. Founded on 17 March 2018


No. Location
 1st  Sandridge Station Shopping Mall, Sandridge
 2nd  Lime Zone, lemall ,Lisa Island
 3rd  Vermont Shopping Mall, Les Vincennes Bay
 4th  SM, Ildefonso
 5th  District 9