Senate of WolvHaven

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of the Federal Republic of WolvHaven
9th Parliament
Parliament of WolvHaven.png
Type Upper House of the Parliament of WolvHaven
Presiding Officer HE SilverWolv, IP
Since 1 April 2017
Deputy Presiding Officer Rt. Hon. y0urs_Tru1y, IP
Since 1 October 2018
Leader of the Senate Vacant
Since 5 May 2018
Shadow Leader of the Senate Vacant
Since 5 May 2018
Seats 9
Political groups


  • N/A


  • N/A


Voting system Appointment by the President
Meeting place
Senate chamber
Parliament House
Laboratory, WolvHaven

The Senate of WolvHaven is one of the two Houses (chambers) of the Parliament of WolvHaven. It is referred to as the upper house, with the House of Representatives being referred to as the lower house. The term of members of the Senate serves a lifetime. The Senate also acts as a house of review and amends any legislation passed by the lower house to improve it or rejects it entirely.

The Senate currently consists of 9 members, who are appointed by the President of WolvHaven. They are the group of specially selected members based on their expertise.

Current Senate

See also: Parliament of WolvHaven/9th
All 8 Admins of WolvHaven are members of the Senate, there is also one moderator who is also a Senator. There are currently 6      Independent Senators, 2 Senators from      National Organization for Democracy and 1 Senator from      WolvHaven Architect Party

Current members


  • N/A


  • N/A


  •      Independent HE SilverWolv, President, Senator
  •      Independent Rt. Hon. Nixholas, Senator
  •      Independent Rt. Hon. y0urs_Tru1y, Senator
  •      Independent Rt. Hon. Carew, Senator
  •      Independent Rt. Hon. Axton, Senator
  •      Independent Rt. Hon. ChickenJoshyBwak, Senator
  •      National Front Rt. Hon. quarxilon, Senator
  •      National Front Rt. Hon. MachineMatster, Senator
  •      WolvHaven Architect Party Rt. Hon. GukkyGukz, Senator