Skyline Highrise

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Skyline Highrise
Build Team
Lead Architect: SilverWolv
Builder(s): SilverWolv
Best Skyscraper Of Year 2012
Tallest Skyscraper In Wolv City 2012
Tallest Skyscraper In Wolv Haven 2013
Most Inspiring Skyscraper 2012
Wolv Haven CBD

Skyline Highrise is the tallest building in Wolv Haven since 2012, overtaking the Prime Towers and was the skyscraper to end the Wolv Haven skyscraper race once and for all as its top is at the world height limit and skyscrapers could not go any taller than the skyline highrise. It stands 189 blocks tall with its dazzling crown and spire going above the city. The structure has won quite a noticeable number of awards which include the "Best Building of year 2012", "Tallest Skyscraper In Wolv Haven 2013" and more. The skyscraper is a landmark of the city and is currently protected by the City Heritage Board for its "one of a kind" crown architecture and spire.