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Please note that this information is not current. I have sadly lost most of my enthusiasm for Minecraft (let's just say simulators were always my favourite). However I cant wait to see where this server is at in the future. techladdie

SolidsEnergy logo.png
Mining, Your Way
CEO Techladdie
Headquarters Eastbourne, NewHollow
Coordinates (Eastbourne) -4527, 65, -569 (Approx)
Coordinates (Kidou) -4364, 65, -49 (Approx)
Mine Locations Eastbourne, Kidou

SolidsEnergy (Company)

SolidsEnergy is a mining company owned by Techladdie

SolidsEnergy was formed in 2015 with the first mine created in Kidou.

Currently, SolidsEnergy owns and maintains mines in:

  • Kidou
  • Eastbourne

These mines can be used by anyone, provided they abide by the health and safety rules listed at entry.

When using these mines, you must abide by the following rules:

  • You are allowed to dig tunnels, provided that they are at least 3x3 blocks for public use, and 2 blocks high for personal use
    • If the tunnel is for personal use, you MUST block the entrance way with either a locked door or blocks. This is to stop people attempting to use your tunnel.
  • You MUST NOT Interfere with existing tunnels or tunnels provided by SolidsEnergy.


Mine safety exercises are no longer carried out. Safety is your responsibility.