Sunburn the Dragon

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Sunburn is an ender dragon and the mascot for the GHL's Palm Ridge Suns. Sunburn roams the lower deck of the Mark Air Centre pumping up the crowd and biting other team's fan's heads. (Playfully of course).


Sunburn left the end wanting to make his mark on the world. He waved his Mom and Dad goodbye and left his home to travel to Wolv Haven. Sunburn was originally staying in a condo in La Resistance. He worked at a shop that wasn't too far away from his home, and made a decent living. Being a dragon he was technically a visible minority, but the people of Wolv Haven treated him as one of their own. Sunburn soon grew tired of his mundane life and he decided to travel abroad to see what else this world had in store for him. Sunburn got on a plane and flew to Kralyn, which was a nice change of scenery for him. He soon boarded a commuter train headed southbound. Sunburn had never seen so much beauty in his life. The bridges, the mountains, the deserts, and the trees were all so much to take in and he felt so alive. Soon nightfall came and he decided to book a room at the Chateau in Palm Ridge. After getting a good night's sleep he decided to explore the city. He soon came across a stadium with the big words Mark Air Centre on the front. Sunburn went inside not knowing what to expect. It was there that he discovered the game of hockey. It was nothing like he'd ever seen. Everything was moving so fast and the game was so intense and exciting. After leaving the game he was approached by a player named Ziggy85, who couldn't help but notice his enthusiasm throughout the game. Ziggy85 introduced himself as "Charles". He was the general manager of the Palm Ridge Suns. He offered him a career to be the new mascot and face of the team. Naturally Sunburn accepted. He always loved dancing when he was a kid, and getting to dance and cheer throughout this exciting sport would be a dream! Sunburn quit his job in La Resistance and moved to Palm Ridge where he slipped on the Suns' uniform for the first time.


Today Sunburn's passion for the sport and the team is simply unmatched. He now resides in his own room in the Mark Air Centre where he gets rest between games. Sunburn loves posing for pictures, giving hugs, and making the crowd excited.