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The Centre Party
Centre logo.png
Libertatis individualis
Party Overview
Ideology Centrism, Liberalism, Antimilitarism
Leader Sambrose
Deputy leader Mopsistudios
Members Heiopeii, Tony515, Hurricanepanda08, Boomdoom & MC_SkillAura
Founded 31/03/17
Headquarters Ostwall 5, Nelsonburg, Gardellia (Station: GN6)

The Centre Party of WolvHaven was officially founded by Blalex & Sambrose on March the 31st in 2017. It is a very central party, if not the border between the left and the right wing. The name of the party is based on the non-fictional german party "Das Zentrum", but didn't really have any similarities with its manifesto. The Centre is a liberal-centristic party, with strong beliefs on a world without any military forces. You have to ask one of the current members of the party if you want to join The Centre Party of Wolvhaven!


The Centre was founded on March the 31th 2017 in the city hall of Nelsonburg, Gardellia. The party quickly became the leading party in multiple Gardellian cities. The name of the party changed on the 1st of April from "WolvHaven Centre Party" to "The Centre". The Centre Party formed the government coalition in the General Election of WolvHaven,April 2017 together with the SGNP & the National Conservative Party. In the General Election of WolvHaven,July 2017 The Centre Party formed the government again as the third strongest party. This time with the Party for Gardellia and again with the SGNP. The Coalition was called "United Progressive Coalition". During the 9th parliament the centre party first formed the opposition with the HGP. However after only 4 sessions the coalition was dissolved. The centre part then joined the government coalition consisting of Forward WolvHaven and Democratiam

April Election Manifesto

  • Restarting the economy reset debate.
  • Official disestablishment of the Gardellian council due to its failure.
  • Giving more civil liberties to citizens.
  • Raising of taxes (To combine with economy reset).
  • Making public housing only available to people who have less than a specific amount of money. (To be decided whether to be implemented).

Entry to parliament preference

  • 1. Mopsistudios
  • 2. Tony515
  • 3. Boomdoom
  • 4. Hurricanepanda08
  • 5. sambrose
  • 6. Heiopeii
  • 7. MC_SkillAura

Results after the elections

Election Number of votes % of voters Number of seats Members elected
April 2017


July 2017

Blalex & sambrose

October 2017

Blalex & sambrose

April 2018

mopsistudios, sambrose, Tony515 & boomdoom_

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