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Owner / CEO Tomi_Crosoft
Chief Financial Officer HurricanePanda08
Brands TomiStore; TomiPizza
Headquarters' location DolphinPlains (to be moved in Schitt's Creek)
Official Discord Link

TomiCorp is a company based in Gardellia and was founded by Tomi_Crosoft.

It currently owns 2 brands: TomiStore and TomiPizza.

It has 29 stores all around Gardellia.

Shops must be requested on the Discord, in #stores, using the format indicated.


Parent TomiCorp.
Type of store Convenience store
Number of stores 20

TomiStore is a convenience store chain.

It currently has 20 stores opened.

Store list

  • S01-Schitt's Creek
  • S02-Lisa Island
  • S03-Les Vincennes Bay - Verdsta
  • S04-Les Vincennes Bay - Vermont
  • S05-Linirea
  • S06-DolphinPlains
  • S07-Cacklesburg
  • S08-Bad Fischdorf
  • S09-Fukuya
  • S10-Lamboland
  • S11-Sereneville
  • S12-District 9
  • S13-Carrington
  • S14-NWGA Council
  • S15-Newport
  • S16-Ildefonso
  • S17-Ember Coast
  • S18-Cranbrook
  • S19-Palm Ridge
  • S20-Clarenbury

More information of all stores and a store map of Gadellia is available on the Discord.

What we sell

Local Specialties

  • Schitt's Creek: Birch Sapling
  • Lisa Island: Calisson
  • Les Vincennes Bay - Verdsta: (none)
  • Les Vincennes Bay - Vermont: (none)
  • Linirea: Cod/Salmon
  • DolphinPlains: Magic Lapis-Lazuli Replica
  • Cacklesburg: (none)
  • Bad Fischdorf: (none)
  • Fukuya: (none)
  • Lamboland: (none)
  • Sereneville: (none)
  • District 9: (none)
  • Carrington: (none)
  • NWGA Council: NWGA Fireworks
  • Newport: (none)
  • Ildefonso: (none)
  • Ember Coast: (none)
  • Cranbrook: (none)
  • Palm Ridge: (none)
  • Clarenbury: (none)


  • Fresh Potatoes


  • Elytras

Firework Selection

  • TomiStore-exclusive fireworks


  • Book
  • MagiBook
  • Notebook

Rails and Carts

  • Accelerator Rails
  • Rails
  • Cart
  • Chest Cart

Redstone Stuff

  • Repeater
  • Torch
  • Redstone
  • Button
  • (Some stores may have other articles)


  • Spicy Orange Taffy
  • Choco-Pepittos
  • Green Geeks
  • Candy Toothies


  • The WolvHavener
  • WBC News

In TomiStores, facing the cashier, are signs for advertisement.

You can advertise anything you want.

Before that, please tell me your ad in sign format on Discord in #ad-spots for me to place it.

Current advertising campaigns:

  • Bank of Gardellia


Parent TomiCorp.
Type of store Pizzeria
Number of Shoppes 7
Number of Rapidos 2

TomiPizza is a pizzeria chain.

It is divided into 2 shop types:

  • -TomiPizzaShoppe, a whole shop to itself
  • -TomiPizzaRapido, only a counter and no seats

It currently has 7 TomiPizzaShoppes and 2 TomiPizzaRapidos opened.

Store list

  • Ps01-Schitt's Creek
  • Pr02-Lamboland
  • Ps03-Sereneville
  • Pr04-District 9
  • Ps05-Carrington
  • Ps06-DolphinPlains
  • Ps07-Cranbrook
  • Ps08-Palm Ridge
  • Ps09-Clarenbury

What we sell

  • Pizzas
  • Drinks (self-service ONLY IN TomiPizzaShoppes)

Note: ELYTRAIR isn't a real brand and has the copyright symbol for realism only.