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This guide aims to teach you more above driving WolvHaven trains. For more info, ask an examiner to teach you, or watch the YouTube video by searching “Train-ing 101 : A guide to operating WolvHaven trains.” The link triggers wiki spam filter and I cannot post it here.


Please read this on how to drive the train before going for an examination.


This guide will not teach you all /train commands, and will only teach you commands that you would need.

/train info

Shows train information.

/train claim

Claim the train. This must be done at the depot when you start to avoid trainjacking. TrainJacking is an act whereby people drive your train illegally when on board.

/train speedlimit 0.? OR /train maxspeed 0.?

Set the maxspeed of the train, which in most cases, become the train speed. Adhere to speed limits. Please note that it a speed sign shows 7, it means 0.7 NOT 7.

/train destroy

This is usually only used when your train breaks down / or you need to stop driving.

Alert.jpeg Note: TrainDestroy affects all trains, including manual trains. If you are in the middle of driving and your train, please exit your train at the next station and destroy it. If you are near the Depot (you think you can make it), drive to the depot. Alert.jpeg


Signs are usually used to inform you about a event, and it should not be ignored. Ignoring a sign is a very bad thing to do.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs are signs that have a white digit with no borders. A digit 3 does not mean the speed limit is 3. It means the speed limit is 0.3. If you drive at a speed of 3, it is considered against the rules. The speed limit applies only AFTER the sign, not when you see the sign. Here are some speed limit signs : Trainspeed4.jpeg This sign shows that the speed limit of the train should be 0.4. Trainspeed7.jpeg This sign shows that the speed limit of the train should be 0.7. Trainspeed3.jpeg This sign shows that the speed limit of the train should be 0.3.

Slow down sign

These signs have a white digit followed by a yellow triangle facing down. It indicates that you should slow down to the speed indicated. Here is an example of this sign : Trainspeed4down.jpeg

Stop sign

These signs have a red line across in the middle. It is usually found in stations and indicate that you should park your train at the station right BEFORE the block with the sign. Parking your train at the sign or after the sign is against the rules. This is a typical stop sign : Trainstop.jpeg

Combining Speed Limit Signs with Stop signs.
The signs might combine at some stations. An example is below :

Trainspeed7.jpeg + Trainstop.jpeg = Trainspeed7stop.jpeg

Signs at automatic zones

There are three types of signs that appear at automatic zones.

Start of automatic zone

These signs have a yellow border and a yellow digit. Upon reaching this sign, the train will be fully automatic. As a precaution, set the maxspeed to the yellow digit. A typical start of automatic zone sign is shown here : Trainauto4.jpeg

End of auto zone

This sign marks the end of the automatic zone and you will need to resume manual operation. Trainautoend.jpeg

Direction Turnaround

This sign is found at end tracks and indicates that you are required to change to the other side of the train as soon as possible. When this sign is shown, set the train maxspeed to 0 as a precaution. Then, move to the other end of the train. Set the maxspeed back to the yellow digit as shown at the automatic zone just now ONLY when you have been seated at the driver seat of the other end. The train will automatically depart when desired. Trainendswitch.jpeg


Signal lights tell you the traffic in the track and often helps to prevent crashes. There are two types of signal lights. Single and double. The colour of the signal is indicated by weather the redstone light is lit or not.

Single Signs

If the torch is lit, the sign is “the appropriate colour”. If not, the sign is GREEN. Below are two single signs and both are GREEN. Signalredoff.jpegSignalyellowoff.jpeg

Double Signs

Whichever the block that the redstone torch is lit, it will indicate the status of the track ahead. Below are two signs and both are GREEN. Signalredx2off.jpegSignalyellowx2off.jpeg

Signal Definitions

 The track ahead is cleared   The track ahead is occupied. Slow down. The next signal is likely to be red   The track is occupied. STOP BEFORE THIS SIGNAL. 

Precautions to take note

1. Always do /train claim to avoid trainjacking. 2. Never exceed the speed limit. It risks you derailing. 3. Stop exactly. 4. Do not drive in slowly. The typical drive in speed is 0.5, and decrease 0.1 every PSD. If you delay, the PSD might open when your train is moving.


Ask a examiner to test you so that you can start driving. TIP! When your examiner teleports you to the Driver Center, Set a home there so you can come back when you need to drive. However, DO NOT SET the home at the train depot as it risks you getting a warning.

Start Driving!

Remember, you can earn money when driving! Let’s drive the trains now!