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CEO SilverWolv
Serves: The City of WolvHaven
WolvHaven Metro

TransHaven is a Public Transport operator in WolvHaven, operating the WolvHaven Metro and more. TransHaven is also the Ministry Of Transport/Department of Transport for WolvHaven and manages all modes of transport within the city such as the WolvHaven Metro, Busses, Trams, Portals and Ferries. Altough TransHaven is a Public Transport operator itself, it does not operate all forms of transport within the server. Users may give feedback regarding the transport systems in the server by "tweeting" @WolvHaven on twitter or posting on the forums under the "General Discussion" section of the forum.

Past Server Eras

TransHaven has been around in WolvHaven since the New Centrif Era where it operated the New Centrif Underground and New Centrif Overground.

New Centrif Era

Back in the New Centrif Era (Minecraft Beta 1.7) of the server, TransHaven was known as "Transport for New Centrif" as the New Centrif Era was largely inspired by London.

Troubled Times Era

In Minecraft Beta 1.8, the server kept switching between worlds as the worlds were having weird glitches as the server began to experiment with bukkit. TransHaven at that time was known as the Inter-World Transport Authority as the server did not have a main world or city and was mainly made out of different worlds, witch a player having a world of their own.

Wolv City Era

In the WolvCity Era, (Minecraft release 1.0) TransHaven was known as the Department of Transport and it operated the Wolv City Subway. At that time, technology was not as advanced, leading to the WolvCity Subway to malfunction and breakdown everyday.

New Haven Era

In the NewHaven Era, the name "TransHaven" was used for the first time and still uses this name today. Previously, TransHaven operated the NewHaven Metro, Ferries and Busses.

New Concession

TransHaven will be implementing a new concession from 31st May 2014. Under the new concession, private operators which have been awarded TransHaven Contracts operating public transport in the city, such as BERT will come under this new concession. Under the new concession, TransHaven will reserve the rights to name and brand the system and private operators will need to seek permission before building any new lines or extensions. TransHaven would also reserve the right to confisicate any property owned by private operators should they not follow the regulations and procedures before constructing new structures in the City.

INNOvate Competition

When TransHaven requires a new mode of transport or a new operator, the INNOvate competition is opened to those interested in operating any public transportation system in the City. Anyone is able to participate in this competition. In the competition, operators propose their transportation systems by building a miniature city with a fully functional system inside it to show how the system can easily integrate into the city. TransHaven later chooses no winner or a winner which will be awarded a TransHaven Contract to implement their system into the city.

Styling and Branding

Each mode of transport/system TransHaven manages has its own corporate logo and identity created by using different colors of the triangle logo (Green Triangle on the top right corner of the TransHaven Logo) for each mode of transport/system. This gives the systems a uniform identity and shows that they are all managed by TransHaven. When the new concession is in effect, all modes of transport in the city will have different color variations of the TransHaven logo.