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United WolvHaven Industries Corporation
Realise WolvHaven's realism.
Megacorporation Info
CEOs: FireLykan, eltontay11
Founders: FireLykan, eltontay11
Divisions: LykanCorp, Xtrans, WolvTek, QIxEA

The United WolvHaven Industries Corporation was a planned "megacorporation" based in the Federation of WolvHaven. It currently owns companies (known as divisions) such as LykanCorp, Xtrans., WolvTek, QIxEA. The current CEOs are FireLykan and eltontay11.


In 2017, the founders FireLykan and eltontay11 have decided to put their companies, LykanCorp and Xtreme Inc. into one single corporation. The result: the United WolvHaven Industries Corporation.

However, due to an extremely bad disagreement and argument with Elton, Lykan decided to disband this "company" and will create a new one, a smaller company.


The UWI believes in realistic architecture and infrastructure. We build realistic buses and train rolling stock. Our mass production vehicles are still yet to be released, as FireLykan and eltontay11 have yet to be architects, and eltontay11 is a quartztard.

The Maroon color represents the color of the Federation of WolvHaven, where the corporation calls home, and which also brings a strong sense of nationalism. The pickaxe is the Soartex Fanver texture pack pickaxe (Soartex Fanver is the default texturepack of WolvHaven), and it represents the industrial sector, as pickaxes, in real life, are used to mine for minerals such as coal, which played a major role in the first Industrial Revolution. The font Couture Bold is used for the typography, which is also used in the WolvHaven logo typography.



Main article: LykanCorp

Under Construction


Main article: Xtrans

Xtrans is a company that operates a couple of transport items. It also operates Merchandises for Xtrans (Soon). The main article talks more about this company. It currently operates in XtremeCity.


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Under Construction


Main article: QixEA

Under Construction



Ride the steel rapids!
CEO: FireLykan

RapidWH is a company founded in 2017 and owned by UWI that aims to operate manual lines of the WolvHaven metro. The company is based on the non-fictional RapidKL company, which operates all of the rapid transit lines in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It will only operate the planned Carrington Metro.


Under Construction