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The one that "Keeps complaining of fines"
User Information
Location Singapore
Time zone GMT + 8 (SGT)
Language(s) English, Chinese, Hokkien
Gender Male
Birth date 11 August
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank Citizen
Projects XtremeCity, Wiki Formatting, Something special for WH (not to be revealed), Wolvhaven Magazine
Joined 11 August 2017
Passed Citizen Test 11 August 2017
Political Party Independent
Train Driver Yes. Ask me and Im willing to bcoz I need WH$ :D
Jobs Train driving, XtremeCity builder and FTRANS employee, Xtrans founder, vice CEO of United WolvHaven Industries Coorporation
Social networks
YouTube eltontay11
Twitter etontay11
Twitch eltontay11
Facebook Elton Tay
Instagram eltontay11
Discord eltontay11#1384
Personal website
General Status
Activity Quite Active
Average Play time per week 5 hours
Most Active in Discord ( 24/7 thanks to selfbot)
Trivia Played a hack version and only got the legit version during my birthday :D

Hi! I am eltontay11, a user on Wolvhaven. My IGN is XtremeCoder. I am most active on Discord (Im on the WH official Discord, find me there :P), and quite active in the server (since exam over), but not as active as SilverWolv. If you are wondering why I am "The one that does not have a sense of humour", it is because I usually post random stuff in #quotehanger. If you want to contact me, please do it by Discord, because I am very active there. I am most active in Discord, and also in IRC.


I am Currently working on three thing during my free time (actually 4). My Own Town, working on decent content for this wiki, and 2 other things that is going to be for this server but is not going to be revealed. Personally, I also have real life stuff to work on, so I am not very active. Plus, with my parents control, it is very hard for me to be active. I myself also get controlled by Parental device locking stuff.

Status Definitions


Things I feel about the server

I started to become active only after my SA2 exams, and because I quit another server (No abusing of Mentionable Server Acts). Then, I was greeted by people from the server. Gukky also gave me a tour of the server and allowed me to understand more of the server. SilverWolv was also kind and helped me a lot when I had a lot of questons to ask. I was new and I did not know most of the things that happen in the server. Thus, I felt welcomed by the community and decided to stay. When I am on the server, I am usually on Gardellia, building my own town in South Gardellia.

My builds

I personally am more of the redstone side and do redstone, but sometimes I am lazy and just go about without redstone, like normal. Feel free to visit my town too!

Why My Title

Basically, I got fined like WH$700 thanks to Metro+. WH$100 is thanks to SilverWolv, for destroying my train and left me stranded in a station and because I didn’t Tap in (came straight from depot). WH$100 is from TrainDestroy, who destroyed my train at Waterloo and made me stranded there. WH$200 is my Metro+ Card becoming invalid for some odd reason, WH$200 for Dropping my card and let ClearLag Catch me, and the last, jumping down to Airport M10 station from Lvl 1 when I was a tourist. (So exit was...)

Talk to Me

Ask me by discord, email , or user talk page.


I’m not really good in my studies but, ya.


I’m mostly interested in IT (Programming) and robotics. I am also in Robotics CCA.


I think you should check out Questions instead.

Predicted Inactive Periods

7-14 nov overseas.

Questions directed at me

 When this indicator is green (Aka I’m happy), feel free to add any questions here and check back soon for my answer.  I am very active here. Please type in the format : Q : A :


Pending answer questions

Type your questions here

Will not answer questions

Answered Questions

Q : Do you intend to join a party soon?

A : Yes. I intent to join Democratiam.

Q : Who is your favourite staff member?

A : SilverWolv

Q : What is your most hated plugin in the server?

A : TrainDestroy. Especially when driving trains.

Q : What do you need in the server?

A : $$$

Q : What is your favourite thing in Minecraft?

A : Redstone.

Q : What is your favourite Plugin?

A : WorldEdit

Q: What is your favourite manual line to drive?

A : M5