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Honorable Member of Parliament
User Information
Location Singapore
Time zone UTC+8
Language(s) English, Mandarin, Some Hokkien and some German
Gender Male
Birth date 1 February
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank Architect (Temp)
Projects Carrington, Fifth Haven Islands, Myst Corporation
Joined 1 September 2017
Passed Citizen Test 1 September 2017
Political Party      Democratiam
Social networks
Twitter @_mystiquely_
Steam Kuanyatta
Discord Mysticlorde#6063
Blizzard Account LordLHK#3907
General Status
Most Active in Server, Discord
Trivia Kek.

Hello! I am Mysticlorde, formerly known as Mystiquely, FirestormXR and FireLykan. I am currently a [Citizen] on WH and have been on WH for about 7-8 Months. Up till now, WH has been my home server, or in other words, the server where I spend my time on the most.

About me

I first heard of the server from their metro videos on YouTube, and joined WolvHaven before I got my real Mojang account in the form of MCLeaks alts. Before that, I did the same thing when I went up onto a prominent realistic city building server. But all what I could do was to fly around, envy other's builds, listen to other people's rude and oppressive talks and nothing else. WH was a brilliant and awesome mix of creative, survival, city-building and transportation. Also the community is way less cancerous, friendly and goofy AF. That was why I decided to settle down in WH.

Things to do

Develop Carrington, Myst Corporation, and some other WH stuff


I am in the best class of my school, and I take 9 Subjects combination, inclusive of 3 sciences. I am strongest in Meth and Higher Art.

Other Games

Currently, I play games such as Overwatch, GTA San Andreas and Minecraft Bedrock for Mobile.

I have technically all of the Blizzard games, but I don't play most of them. Some of them were bought & played only by my father, some are free. (In fact, my Blizzard account is initially my father's only, but now I share it with him) Blizzard/ games:

Game Remarks
Overwatch ★ Most played Blizzard game.
World of Warcraft Played it a bit when I was about six? Idk.
StarCraft II Never played. My father bought it for himself.
Diablo III Playing soon.
Hearthstone Haven't started playing yet.
Heroes of the Storm Not installed yet, but I have the license.

Initially I didn't really think much about Steam, but I'm starting to show interest in it. Steam games:

Game Remarks
Grand Theft Auto IV ★ 2.5 Hours on record.
Left 4 Dead 2 ★ 1.3 Hours
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Advanced Edition) ★ 0 Hours

Other games:

Game Platform(s)
Fortnite Epic Games (PC) Ok fuck Fortnite I play it only very occasionally
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 Mojang (PC)
Minecraft: B.E. for Mobile ★ Mojang (Mobile)
PUBG Mobile ★ PUBG Corp. & Tencent Games (Mobile)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ★ Rockstar Games (Mobile)
Brawl Stars ★ Supercell (Mobile)
Mini Metro ★ Dinosaur Polo Club (Mobile)