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Honorable Member of Parliament
User Information
Location Singapore
Time zone UTC+8
Language(s) English, Mandarin, Some Hokkien and some German
Gender Male
Birth date 1 February
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank Architect (Temp)
Projects Carrington, Fifth Haven Islands, Myst Corporation
Joined 1 September 2017
Passed Citizen Test 1 September 2017
Political Party      Democratiam
Social networks
Twitter is where birds chirp. (@_mystiquely_)
Steam is Dihydrogen Monoxide. (Mysticlorde)
Discord , orb of (Mysticlorde#6063)
Blizzard Account is an account made of a lot of solid H2O + wind. (LordLHK#3907)
General Status
Most Active in Server, Discord
Trivia k can

Hello! I am Mysticlorde, formerly known as Mystiquely, FirestormXR and FireLykan. I am currently a [Citizen] on WH and have been on WH for about 7-8 Months. Up till now, WH has been my home server, or in other words, the server where I spend my time on the most.

About me

I first heard of the server from their metro videos on YouTube, and joined WolvHaven before I got my real Mojang account in the form of MCLeaks alts. Before that, I did the same thing when I went up onto a prominent realistic city building server. But all what I could do was to fly around, envy other's builds, listen to other people's rude and oppressive talks and nothing else. WH was a brilliant and awesome mix of creative, survival, city-building and transportation. Also the community is way less cancerous, friendly and goofy AF. That was why I decided to settle down in WH.

Things to do

Develop Carrington, Myst Corporation, and some other WH stuff


I am in the best class of my school, and I take 9 Subjects combination, inclusive of 3 sciences. I am strongest in Meth and Higher Art.

Other Games

I play a wide variety of games.

I have technically all of the Blizzard games, but I don't play most of them. Some of them were bought & played only by my father, some are free. (In fact, my Blizzard account is initially my father's only, but now I share it with him)

Blizzard/ games:

Game Remarks
Overwatch ★ Most played Blizzard game.
World of Warcraft Played it a bit when I was about six? Seven? Idk.
StarCraft II Never played. My father bought it for himself.
Diablo III Playing soon.
Hearthstone Come fight me cunt. You will be victorious. Yes I succ
Heroes of the Storm Not installed yet, but I have the license.

Steam games:

Game Remarks
Grand Theft Auto IV ★ 2.5 Hours on record.
Left 4 Dead 2 2.3 Hours Game alr left 4 ded liao
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Advanced Edition) ★ 1.2 Hours
Euro Truck Simulator 2 ★ 10.5 Hours BEST TRUCK SIM EVER
Cities:Skylines ★ 4.7 Hours Better than fucking SimCity. FUCK EA.
Team Fortress 2 1.3 Hours Still Overwatch better. =_-

Other games:

Game Platform(s)
Fortnite Epic Games (Mobile) Ok fuck Fortnite I play it only very occasionally
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 Mojang (PC)
Minecraft: B.E. for Mobile ★ Mojang (Mobile)
PUBG Mobile PUBG Corp. & Tencent Games (Mobile)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ★ Rockstar Games (Mobile)
Brawl Stars ★ Supercell (Mobile)
Mini Metro Dinosaur Polo Club (Mobile)