Viaduc des arts

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This page's content is related to the New Haven era of the city. Content in this page should not be confused with the current world.
Viaduc des Arts
Build Team
Lead Architect: SilverWolv
Builder(s): SilverWolv
CART/Metro Station
La Ressistance (Line 1)
Nation (line 3)

The Wolv Haven Viaduc des Arts is a viaduct that used to be part of the North South Rail Link. After being bombed during the Great Haven War, only parts of the Viaduct were left in tact. After parts of the Viaduct have been removed, the city decided to make the Viaduct a place where minecraft digital or music artists could move in and set up an art shop where players could visit and learn more about their art and possibly buy some art for themselves. There are currently 9 spaces in the Viaduc, 5 of which are occupied.


The viaduc des arts is basically a viaduct with arches below it. Each artist studio will fit into one of those arches. Each arch or space has number with 1 being the southernmost arch and 9 being the northernmost arch.