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Westrans Corp.
Founder sambrose
CEO samborse
Founded 09/10/2017
Headquarters Südwall, Nelsonburg, Tremonia, Gardellia (Station: GN6)

The Westrans Coroporation is a public transport operator founded by sambrose in September 2017 in the City of Nelsonburg. It operates the whole "U-Bahn" system in Nelsonburg, which contains 2 lines currently. Moreover it operates Wolvhaven Metro Line 5, since September 2017.

Operated Lines

U1 - Zeche Minister Stein <-> Nelsonburg Rathaus via Limbecker Platz

U2 - Ostentor <-> Unionstraße via Nelsonburg Rathaus

M5 - Esplanade <-> City Hall via Marine View, Westferry, Broadbeach, Aberdeen, Waterloo