WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation

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WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation
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Organization info
Type Statutory corporation
Industry Mass Media
Predecessor WolvHaven Broadcasting Service
Headquarters La Resistance Broadcast Centre, WolvHaven
Founded 1 January 2014
Founder SilverWolv
Area Served WolvHaven Region
Products Broadcasting
Services Livestreaming
Owner WolvHaven Public

The WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcaster for the city-state of WolvHaven, headquartered at the La Resistance Broadcast Centre. The WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation is responsible for all the videos that appear on WolvHaven's youtube channel. It is also responsible for many of the WolvHaven livestreams.


The WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation's history dates back to when WolvHaven was first established in 2011. Its sole purpose was to create and share videos to the wider minecraft community that strive to educate and entertain others. The original WolvHaven Broadcasting Service made videos that were more related to minecraft in general back in 2011 till 2012. These videos include quick snippets and information about things such as minecraft updates or sharing with others how they can build better quality builds, for example.

The WolvHaven Broadcasting Service made its official debut on facebook which showed a video of WolvHaven in the beginning back in 2011. The short video was a speechless tour around the city and can now be seen on the WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation's youtube page.

As WolvHaven gained traction and popularity in 2013, the WolvHaven Broadcasting Service started to shift its focus to WolvHaven centric content, producing videos such as metro montages, speedbuilds, timelapses and cinematics within the WolvHaven region.

All videos were uploaded to SilverWolv's personal youtube channel till 2013. In 2014, the WolvHaven Broadcasting Service finally got its own youtube channel and with that, underwent the rebranding to the WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation.


General Videos

These are videos of WolvHaven in general - they may be of random topic such as Metro Montages, build timelapses and more. The general videos have been part of the WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation since day 1.


These are videos of WolvHaven timelapses. The most popular videos in the timelapse series are all of the WolvHaven Metro & BERT timelapse videos, followed by the WolvHaven Expressways videos. Earlier in 2013, building timelapses were made but were not as popular.

News In Review

Meant to be a monthly quick review of what's been happening in WolvHaven, this series only saw 2 episodes before it was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Let's Build, WolvHaven!

Let's build, WolvHaven! Was the first livestream event by the WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation. It was done when minecraft introduced twitch streaming, which meant easy access to livestream functionality. A total of 5 episodes were made, 2 hours each. Let's Build, WolvHaven! is mainly SilverWolv and others building new buildings in the server when the NewWolvHaven world just started out. One of the episodes showcases the building of the original University of WolvHaven before the project was turned over to Rom5419

WolvHaven LIVE!

The WolvHaven LIVE series was meant to be a talkshow but only saw one episode to date. This series is meant to inform people of new rules, policies and more through the use of a talkshow format. Recently, WolvHaven LIVE has been resurrected as a livestream series instead.

Parliament LIVE!

Parliament LIVE is the official broadcast for WolvHaven's council meetings and parliamentary sessions.