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WolvHaven City
Server World
Gamemode: Survival

WolvHaven City is the Heart of WolvHaven, where most things happen. The current Wolvhaven City is the forth Wolvhaven City the server has ever had. WolvHaven City is the default spawn world, and the only world Tourists are allowed to be at. They will spawn at MechanicsBurg international Airport when they first join the server. There, they can take the citizen test or go straight to City Exploration


- Wolvhaven City is the forth version of WolvHaven city.



WolvHaven Has a lot of Metro lines (aka Wolvhaven Metro)MetroM.png, that is operated by various train Operators. Also, Bus and ferry services are also available.


2015-08-04 09.20.51.png GatewayBridge.png CityHall.png CityHallStn.png