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WolvHaven City
WolvHaven State
Established 2011
Federalization 2017
World Information
Seed N/A
Area 12km x 12km (5H)
World Type WorldPrinter
Capital City WolfMinister Island
Largest City Unknown
President SilverWolv (IP)
Prime Minister Grass_Jelly (FWH)
Legislature Parliament of WolvHaven
W.H. Senators y0urs_Tru1y (IP)
quarxilon (NAT)
W.H. MPs Grass_Jelly (FWH)
TheLamborghini (FWH)
_ezzo (FWH)
disCackle (FWH)
mopsistudios (CEN)
Tony515 (CEN)
MC_Dunc (DEM)
autobus22 (HGP)

WolvHaven City is the Heart of WolvHaven, where most things happen. The current Wolvhaven City is the forth Wolvhaven City the server has ever had. This world is the default spawn world, and the only world Tourists are allowed to be at. They will spawn at MechanicsBurg international Airport when they first join the server. There, they can take the citizen test or go straight to City Exploration


Since the opening of the server, there have been 4 worlds existed. The current world is New WolvHaven also known as Fourth Haven. Currently, the Fifth World is work in progress.

First Haven - New Centrif

Second Haven - WolvCity

Third Haven - NewHaven

Fourth Haven - NewWolvHaven

There are 3 islands in NewWolvHaven. They are WolfMinister, Westford, Mechanicsburg.

Fifth Haven - FifthHaven


WolvHaven Has a lot of Metro lines (aka WolvHaven Metro)MetroM.png, that is operated by various train Operators. Also, Bus and ferry services are also available.