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WolvHaven Navigation Contest
Staff and Judges
Founder eltontay11
Judges None
Admin None
First Event Date Planned to be 1 December 2017

The Wolvhaven Navigation Contest is a contest whereby players attempt to go to a specific place by themselves in the quickest possible time. They can choose to ride the metro, Drive, or walk. If the event is in Gardellia, the player can also choose to fly. Then, they can win awards. This game is not just a regular game where players play. We encourage players to visit places that they have never been to before, and explore how WolvHaven City looks like. (Or Gardellia).

Competition Schedule

In a competition, players usually will need to go to 6 places. An example will be : A to B B to C C to D D to E E to F

Each game will last approximately 1 hour (A all the way to F). With resting of 3 mins in between each stop.


1st Place : $2000 2nd Place : $1000 3rd Place : $500 4th to 5th : $100 More prizes if this event goes well.

Rules And Regulations

I hope you can follow the rules and not cheat. I am not an admin and can’t like look at you 24/7. 1. Clear your inventory of everything else except for : UCARS, Metro+ tickets, Food. 2. In the Event where the event starts in GD : Please go back to WHC and clear your inventory before coming back. 3. You must not have anything in GD. Horses / Pigs / etc. Is not allowed. 4. Always run in Survival Mode in WolvHaven city. 5. During the race, do not use /home, /tpa or anything that allows you to cheat. /spawn is not allowed. 6. Driving trains is not allowed during the contest. 7. You are not allowed to take any warps, except for warps found in : Planes, Buses. 8. If you are an admin, please do not use any admin commands to cheat. We hope you can be truthful. 9. Do not fly when in WHC. 10. IF YOU drive: Driving through Tolls is your responsibility, and is 100% not our responsibility to help you pay for your Tolls. 11. If you catch someone violating the rules, please press F2 and get a couple of screenshots, then send to eltontay11#1384 via discord. The user will either get penalties and/or disqualification / Event Ban


Race 1 registration has not yet opened.


Tips for Race 1: In no order, you will be racing through 6 locations. The information here is provided for tips and beforehand studying to make sure this is fair. Race 1 INFO START : City Hall Station (In Front of City Hall) END : Stalingrad Station

Places you will be going to : 1. WolvHaven National Library 2. Unity Mart 3. 2A9A Residential Block 4. MechanicsBurg International Airport 5. RN14 Station 6. Civic Centre

This list is NOT in order.

Misconceptions to Clarify

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Answered Queries

Q : How are you going to all these places yourself when you are a citizen and cannot TPA?

A : I already know the road and the fastest method there. Plus, I can /home

Q : Isn’t this similar to the Amazing Race?

A : No. this is not the Amazing Race. The reason why this isn’t “WolvHaven Amazing Race” is because I don’t wanna get sued by MRT for copyright, and I can’t set up any games at WolvHaven City.