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Alert.jpeg Note: This Tour Agency is still under planning stage and is not ready. Alert.jpeg
WolvHaven Tour Agency
Company Info
Mission To allow Wolvhaveners, to explore WolvHaven City and know more about us.
Vision Every Wolvhavener should be allowed to explore freely by themselves
Website None
Tour Guides eltontay11 And GukkyGukz
Mapping Head GukkyGukz
Planner eltontay11

The WolvHaven Tour Agency is a Tourism Agency that operates in Wolvhaven City. We aim to allow everyone to Enjoy the town, and know more about it.


When eltontay11 first joined the server, GukkyGukz gave eltontay11 a tour around the city. It wasent completed due to time constrain, thus, the tour continued later on. This gave both of them the idea of a Tour Agency to Earn Money

Tour Routes

Most tour routes are by Driving UCARS unless specified. UCARS are provided. Planning.

Tour Fees

Current Prices

    • Advanced Booking** can be made up to 21 days ahead of your tour through this Google document : <coming soon>
Tour Duration Fee (1) Fee (2) Fee (3) Fee (4) Fee (5)
1 hour, 1 Place $100 $70 $50 $30 $10
1 hour, 2 Places $150 $120 $90 $70 $30
1 hour, 3 Places $250 $200 $150 $100 $70
2 hours, 2 Places $500 $450 $400 $300 $200
2 hours, 3 Places $600 $500 $475 $450 $400
2 hours, 4 Places $700 $600 $550 $500 $487
2 hours (4 30 minute sessions on separate days), 4 Places $500 $475 $400 $375 $350

How to read fees

Fee (1) is the standard fee which users pay while Fee (2) to Fee (5) are fees which are subsidies. The condition for subsidy is listed below.

List of people eligible for subsidy to:

Fee (2): Users who have a amount of $10000 and below.

Fee (3): Users who have a amount of $8000 and below

Fee (4): Users who have a amount of $5000 and below

Fee (5): Users who have a amount of $2000 and below.

Subsidy is only applicable to users who have ANY of the following ranks. : [Citizen], [VIP], [Donator], [Tourists]

Subsidy is applicable to the following users who have these roles, however, the maximum subsidies amount will be UP to Fee (3) : [Architect], [Helper]

Subsidy is NOT APPLICABLE AT ALL to users who have these roles : [Owner], [Admin], [Dev], [Mod]

Please take note that tourists are not allowed to participate in tours which have “UCARS” listed as “Main Transport”.

Fees marked with <> are listed as “Promotional Fees”. Advanced booking fee is based on the fee on the time of your booking.

Tour Terms And Conditons

1. We, WolvHaven Tour Agency, is solely not responsible for any belongings, lost due to ClearLag, during the tour.

2. We are solely not responsible if theft happens during the tour.

3. It is your own responsibility to pay for your Metro trips And/Or Driving Tolls.

4. This tour package does not provide Air / Ferry tickets.

5. Compensation will only be given if 1. The tour guide is unable to make it due to some issues, 2. You got struck by Lightning, Attacked by Mobs.

Sign Up to Help

DM eltontay11 OR Gukky via discord for help.