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Alert.jpeg Note: WolvHaven Magazines has not started. Until I get sufficient perms to take screenshots, this thing will not be started. Alert.jpeg
Wolvhaven Magazine
CEO / Editor eltontay11
Vetter Hiring
Sponsors Finding Some

Alert.jpeg Note: Issue 1, coming your way this March! Alert.jpeg

The Wolvhaven Magazine is a monthly publication created by eltontay11, which consists of stories/content related to Wolvhaven. This magazine is UNOFFICIAL, however, still aims to allow Wolvhaveners to know more about Wolvhaven with every issue.


- Cover Story

- Contents / Intro

- News

- Parliament


- Gardellia

- Sandbox

- Fun Facts

- WH stories

- Quiz

- Competitions

- Events

- Projects



What makes this magazine legit? Advertisements! We are looking for Advertisements. Get your Advertisements on the Magazine!

AD fees :

Size Price
Approx 1/4 of a A4 paper $14
Approx 1/2 of a A4 paper $23
A full page $50
1.5 page $75
A full A3 Page $100

If you want an approximate, send the AD to eltontay via discord to check.

To get your Advertisement on the Magazine.

Send a IMAGE FILE to eltontay11@gmail.com OR XtremeCoder#1384 on discord. Alternatives include adding it to the discussion page of this wiki page.


Have a WolvHaven story worthy to share?

Share with us, and let all the readers know about it!

To get your story on, send it to eltontay11 by ANY of the following steps :

- Discord (XtremeCoder#1384)

- Email (eltontay11@gmail.com)

- In Game Mail

- Write the story in a Book and Quill, and place it in a chest located in the town hall of my city (XtremeCity). DO NOT SIGN IT BECAUSE I NEED TO COPY. -

Alert.jpeg Note: Book and Quill Method COMING SOON Alert.jpeg



We are looking for organisations who are able to sponsor us.

Sponsors get :

- A FREE A3 Advertisement PER ISSUE

- A office at WH Magazine HQ (Coming soon)

- 20% of AD earnings

Sponsor amount : WH$500 to <infinite> (payment every month)

Discord DM XtremeCoder#1384 OR email eltontay11@gmail.com to get started.

Amounts are used as staff pay.


Sign up to be a VETTER and help us vett our magazines. Pay of WH$50 (to increase with sponsors). XtremeCoder#1384 In Discord to get started.