Wolvhaven Tram Line 1

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WolvHaven Tram Line 1
Line Overview
Operator(s) RegioLinQ
Line Length unknown
Island 1 South East and Middle East
Island 2 none
Island 3 none

Wolvhaven Tram Line 1 is run by RegioLinQ, formerly ran along Stalingrad South ( Now Stalingrad Coast ) to Nationale( Now Parkroyal ). It now runs between Stalingrad Coast and Museum/6th Road.

Original Stations (Now TL3)

  • BERT.pngStalingrad South
  • 2nd Street
  • 3rd Street
  • MetroM.pngMetro2.png Stalingrad
  • Sarglia South (Removed)
  • MetroM.pngMetro2.pngSarglia (Removed)
  • Sarglia North (Removed)
  • MetroM.pngMetro2.pngSoho (Removed)
  • MetroM.pngMetro2.pngMetro3.pngNationale (Removed)

Stations Before April 21st Extension

  • Stalingrad Coast
  • Stalingrad SouthBERT.png
  • StalingradMetroM.pngMetro2.png
  • Sarglia South
  • SargliaMetroM.pngMetro2.png
  • Museum/6th AvenueMetroM.png Metro4.png BERT.png

Tram Stock

Formerly, The WolvHaven TL1 ran at 5 cars at an interval of 60 seconds.

Due to the conversion from automatic to manual operation, TL1 has no specified interval and only runs when drivers are driving but still has the normal length of 5 cars.

Service Quality

Originally the service was not good because of a manual restart, but from the 16th of January 2015 the line uses a new spawning technology that is used on the Metro lines hence the service quality has gone up from 50% to 95%. Now, as of 16th January 2016, the WolvHaven TL1 was converted into Manual Operation which brings service quality down to 15% due to lack of American drivers and the laziness of most Asian Timezone drivers.


There was a contest in November 2014, called "Innovate". It was to design a new form of transit for WolvHaven. Many people entered with creative designs, but Matthieu_Dinh won, with a simple tram idea, which was inserted between Stalingrad south - Sarglia. Begin 2015, the tram got extended to Soho, and later in the year to Nationale. In the spring/summer the tram had been shut down due to memory issues, the track between Nationale and Stalingrad got removed, and the track, after a long battle to keep it, got reactivated between Stalingrad and Stalingrad south. The concession for WolvHaven Tram will end on October the 31st, and a new operator will be chosen. At 16th January 2016 the Tram Line 1 was reopened. It runs now between Stalingrad Coast and Museum/6th Road. On 21st April 2017, an extension opened down to Parkroyal (Nationale)using the old abandoned tram tunnel, with 4 new stations and 2 new tram lines, to help with closed Metro Lines. Tram Line 1 became Tram Line 2 and you could get a direct tram service from Stalingrad to Parkroyal, without using M2. The new tram lines are as follows: TL1 (orange): Museum/6th Road - Parkroyal (Nationale). TL2 (blue, original tram line): Museum/6th Road - Stalingrad Coast. TL3 (green): Stalingrad Coast - Parkroyal (Nationale). Parkroyal (Nationale) is getting a refurbishment, which will get it connected to the Metro Station, planned to be completed on 1st May 2017.


Museum/6th Road's Station name is incorrect. It actually is at Museum and 6th Avenue.