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WorldEdit is a tool which players can use when building their City in Gardelia. The priviledges can be received by filling up a request form at the Server's Website.


This page aims to teach you the basics of Worldedit. It only covers the following commands : //set //replace //move //undo //stack

Please take note that a Wand is used for all WE operations (Wooden Axe). For help about the wand, type //wand.


The set commmand is used to change all selected blocks in the region. Example : //set quartz_block This command will change all blocks in selected region to Quartz Blocks.


The replace commmand is used to replace one or more types of blocks into a specific block (or two) Example : //replace air quartz_block This command will change all the air into quartz_blocks.


The move commmand is used to move selected blocks forward (eye view) Example : //move 1 (While staring south) This command will move the structure towards the south by 1 block (Direction dependent on eye direction).


The undo command, used without any parameters, is used to undo an operation.

=//cut / //copy / //paste

This commands copy / cut objects. Another way to delete is to select the entire structure and //set air. When copying, stand in front of the structure and press copy. Then, move to a plot of land and press paste. The objects will be in front of you. It depends on the location you are standing to determine where it will be pasted. This is hard to explain by text, and thus, for a more complete version, please check out video tutiorals instead.


The stack commmand is used to stack objects Example : Select a 2 block tall item //stack 50 up This will stack the selected items up by 50 blocks. (100 blocks tall result)

Quick links

For a list of block ID's, refer to For a complete guide, refer to

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After Each WE

Please do //desel (deselect), then //clearclipboard. This is crucial.

Using WorldEdit to crash the server

If you use WorldEdit and crash the server, you will be punished. Thus, please do not abuse your WorldEdit privileges.