World Tech Industries

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World Tech industries
Gukky's Transport Manufacture industries
World Tech industries
CEO GukkyGukz
Headquarters Diamonde Tower
Divisions Delight Petrol, UKRail, CityMobility

Gukky's Transport Manufacture industries




UKRail was founded in 2015 for serving cargo and passengers between several player's base in NewHollow. The first line aka experimental line(EX) completed in the same year with connections from Gukky's base to spawn. the Red line(RD) was soon completed to access food to ROM5419's previous base. The west extension from late 2015-2016 was completed for through services to Jingol underwater tunnels.

However, it was shut down by the owner of UKRail soon because of ruining spawn's scenery, and part of the rail was actually found not legit.

In 2017, UKRail invested an airport express line plan from the server owner SilverWolv. _AngelKevin_ was in help of this project but Gukky actually designed most of it's route. The project was finished in July 2017, called the Metro_Line_10, operated by UKRail until now.

The division also manufactures rolling stocks for its rail lines. New trains are currently developing and hopefully be manufactured in the end of 2017.

CityMobility (Previously named as CityBRT)

City Mobility was founded in 2015 for making bus services to/from UKCity in old Gardellia. The division manufactures buses and operates bus lines between and in cities. Currently, a new low-capacity prototype "GrassHopper" has began service throughout the bus line 101 in Odaki, Gardellia which can carry 8 people at max.