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Founder eltontay11
Trains XtremeRail
Ferries XtremeFerry
Bus Xbuses
Air XtremeAir
Managed by
Main Company United WolvHaven Industries Corporation
Operates In
Cities XtremeCity
Worlds Gardellia only
Social Media
Twitter @XtransWH
Website https://xtremecity.weebly.com

Xtrans is a company that operates a couple of transport items. It also operates Merchandises for Xtrans (Soon). This page talks more about this company.

Latest Updates

Follow our Twitter @XtransWH for real time updates, and more. Most small updates are found there. (Things that are not yet made big (like just a small update on plans) won’t be posted here, but on our Twitter.)

Commuter Alerts


Upcoming Events

1. Line A Open House (Mid Nov) 2. Line A Opening Ceremony (End Nov) 3. C817 Technology preview


Established 2017 September, this company operates for XtremeCity. It was a plan for all the transport to be integrated in XtremeCity and make it realistic. There are plans to expand Xtrans to other cities, and if possible, operate Trainlines in WolvHaven City.


Special Dates


Currently, XtremeRail only operates in XtremeCity. XtremeCity Metro Map.png Map consists of some errors Line A uses fully Redstone operated Minecart Systems. The station is fully designed by eltontay11, while the Empty cart detector by SilverWolv. Line B is planned to use the same system, while Line C, D and E to use TrainCarts.

Train Models

TrainCarts 8cart Model Signalling System PsemiAutoX V1.3 Signal Lights Pmanualauto_dl V1.3 Line tracks : Manual and Auto Supported

Rail Station Lists

Line A

Station Code Station Name Station Name (Chinese) Interchange(s) Status Remarks
A1 City Central 城市中央 Line C And E Partially Opened -
A2 Residence 组屋区 Line B Partially Opened -
A3 Sports Complex* 运动仿 Line B And D Partially Opened -
A4 Hotel South 饭店南 Line D Under construction -
A5 Town Hall 城市礼堂 - Opened -
A6 Air Base 空军 Line C Future -
  • denotes stations which are not wheelchair accessible

Line B

Station Code Station Name Station Name (Chinese) Interchange(s) Status Remarks
B1 Mall 购物中心 - Construction -
B2 Expo 展览 Line C Construction -
B3 Hotel North 饭店北 - Construction -
B4 Sports Complex 运动仿 Line A And D Platform Closed -
B5 Residence 组屋区 Line A Platform Closed -
B6 Parliament 议会 Line C And E Construction -
B7 Transport Hub 交通总换站 Transfer for All lines excluding Line A Construction -

Line C

Station Code Station Name Station Name (Chinese) Interchange(s) Status Remarks
CE2 Airport 机场 - Planned -
CE1 Foobar - Line D Planned -
C1 Supreme Court 法庭 - Construction -
C2 Hawker Centre 小贩中心 Line D Construction -
C3 City Central 城市中央 Line A And C Construction -
C4 Parliament 议会 Line B And E Construction -
C5 Transport Hub 交通总换站 Transfer for All lines excluding Line A Construction -
C6 Hypermart 巨大市场 - Construction -
C7 Museum 博物馆 - Construction -
C8 Foobar - - Construction -
C9 Air Base 空军 Line A Planned -
C10 Driving School 考车学校 - Construction -
C11 Resorts 度假村 Line D Construction -
C12 Expo 博览 Line B Construction -
C13 Hospital 医院 - Construction -
C14 Industrial Hub 工厂 Line E Construction -

Warp Trains



No bus services available yet.


No ferry services available yet.


XtremeAir. The Cheap, and reliable one. We offer a lot of air services!


No air services available yet.


X220 Jumbo <works>




18 October 2017 ~ Experience the Station System @City Central Station