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Alert.jpeg Note: WIP. I’ll do Infobox when I get on a computer so plz wair first. Alert.jpeg

Web : xtremecity.weebly.com

Forums : http://xtremecity.freeforums.net/admin/themes

XtremeCity is a city that is located in the south side of Gardelia and is still under construction. This city aims to be redstone intensive and provide a lot of functions such as redstone traffic lights to improve tourism in the city. Currently, there are no builds in the city and thus, the city “might be defined” as an “illegal road extension city”, but it will be modified within a few days.

Why Redstone?

eltontay11 likes electricity stuff and mechanical stuff since he was young. He took his time to figure how stuff like electricity circuits worked, and now, make his own.

Local Laws

Abide to the following rules: 1. No building within town. When exploring, please DO NOT break blocks except if told to do so. 2. Do not abuse the town by Massive trolling / Griefing, etc. 3. If you would like to help build. Please contact eltontay11 via IGM or Discord. 4. Standard WolvHaven Rules apply.


Residential Block 1

Consists of Block 1 to 5, and a event hall at Level 4. Also a gym. Claiming info located at Lvl 1 of this block.

Train System

XtremeRail, the train system, is operated by emonorail using V2 stations. For line summary, please view this map : XtremeCity Metro Map.png