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This page documents the guidelines that should be followed when contributing content to the WolvHaven wiki. Although the wiki is the infohub for WolvHaven, we request that you follow these guidelines in order to make our wiki more organized for all.

Page content regulations

  1. Respect everybody. Page content should not harass or insult others.
  2. Please only contribute content that you own! Work that infringes on the copyright of others will be removed without notice, and action may be taken against you for repeated offences. WolvHaven shall not be held responsible for the content which you post.
  3. Create new pages only when necessary. Please do not create a page, type in a few words and leave it there. Only create a page when you have sufficient content to fill the page. We recommend at at least over 200 words.
  4. Only contribute the truth. Although we welcome conspiracy theories within the server as it forms a large part of our story and lore, please indicate it appropriately to prevent misinforming others.
  5. Categorize your pages. All pages should belong to a category where applicable. Add
    [[Category:Category Name]]
    to the top of your page to put it into an existing or new category.
  6. Organize your content! Make use of the formatting provided in the wiki markup language to make your page easier to read! Check mediawiki for more info.



Infoboxes are useful templates which can be included in your page to give a brief summary in your page.

This text Produces

| headerstyle = background:#FFFF00;
| above = WolvHaven Metro Line 1
| image = [[File:MetroM.png|50px]] [[File:Metro1.png|50px]]
| header1 = Line Overview
| label2 = Operator(s)
| data2 = [[TransHaven]]
| label3 = Line Length
| data3 = 1.5km
| header4 = Runs
| label5 = WolfMinster
| data5 = North-South
| label6 = Westford
| data6 = none
| label7 = Mechanicsburg
| data7 = Planned

WolvHaven Metro Line 1
MetroM.png Metro1.png
Line Overview
Operator(s) TransHaven
Line Length 1.5km
WolfMinster North-South
Westford none
Mechanicsburg Planned



{{ColorBox|background color|text|text color}}
This Text Produces
{{ColorBox|#7F0000|This is a text in a red box}}  This is a text in a red box 
{{ColorBox|red|This is a white text in a red box|white}}  This is a white text in a red box 





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