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Welcome to the WolvHaven minecraft server! The server offers 3 different types of gamemodes - Survival Multiplayer (SMP), Creative Mode (CM), Fun and Games (FG) and City Exploration (CE).

Arrival into the server

Upon arrival into the server, Guests (Tourists) are only given access to the City Exploration gamemode. This allows for the tourists to look around the city and sight-see. They are also allowed to ride on the WolvHaven Metro or BERT. Should they feel like they would like to become a part of the server, they may type /spawn and turn left or right to the citizen rules test instead of going straight to City Exploration. After being promoted to citizen, the user may type /spawn again. However, this time the command will direct them into the Members/Citizens Spawn Lounge.

Gamemodes & the Spawn Lounge

Each gamemode in the server has its own multiverse world and all gamemodes are accessible from the Spawn Lounge. Players ranked Citizen and above may use the portals located at the end of the Spawn Lounge which will go to each gamemode. Each portal has an NPC standing next to it which will tell you more about the world

Survival Multiplayer (SMP)

Survival MultiPlayer (SMP) can be accessed by going through the first portal from the left in the spawn lounge and is the main way to earn in-game money on the server. To get started on SMP, first get a job. You can browse for jobs by typing /jobs browse and /jobs info <job name> to view more information about the job. Once you are certain on the job you wish to join, type /jobs join <job name>. You may have a maximum of 3 jobs.

Once you have joined a job, get started like how you do in any new minecraft world! Punch some trees for wood and build a house. Join player owned SMP towns (though different towns may have extra laws/rules to govern them), start your own town or live alone! An area is considered a town if there are more than 3 residents living in the same area. No registration is required for your town to "officially" become a town.

Things to consider when building a town:

  • Building Style (Medieval? Modern? Victorian?)
  • Rules and Regulations to stay in town
  • Town area
  • Residents (You need 3 or more people to have a building there for it to be considered a town)
  • Facilities (Mining shaft?)
  • Benefits to attract people into your town

After you have settled, dont forget to lock your chests and furnaces! To do so, type /lock. For other types of locks such as password protection type /lwc for more information.

WolvHaven is armed with a plugin which enables server staff to check Grief and rollback grief on the server.

Creative Mode

Creative Mode (CM) can be accessed by going through the second portal from the left in the spawn lounge. The world for Creative Mode is The SandBox (aka the SB). THERE IS NO WORLDEDIT! WorldEdit was banned after it was abused by players to grief the SandBox. Let your creativity flow in this world! Build whatever you like as long as it does not break the SandBox rules (see Rules). When you enter the Sandbox, you will be greeted by RookieMC97. From there, simply find an empty plot and build! If you do not know what to build, simply head over to the City Contribution Policy's official forum thread on the WolvHaven website! Accepted builds will earn you money depending on how useful the building is to the city. For more info click me!

City Exploration

City Exploration (CE) can be accessed by going through the third portal from the left in the spawn lounge. City Exploration is a gamemode where users can tour and explore the WolvHaven City project and is the main trade hub of the server! Citizens who wish to contribute to the city may do so by the City Contribution Policy. Citizens may also buy spaces within the buildings in the city and setup shops to sell their goods obtained from SMP.

Fun and Games

Fun and Games (F&G) can be accessed by going through the forth portal from the left in the spawn lounge. Fun and Games is a gamemode where users can play minigames and have fun together! Here is a list of minigames we currently offer:


  • Paintball


  • Spleef


  • Survival Games
  • Kit PVP
  • Classic PVP
  • Parkour