Chaotic Hotel

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Chaotic Hotel
Building Team
Lead Architect: NoDivisions (@Chaotic_Ownage on twitter)
Builders: NoDivisions
Modern Design of the year (1st) - Early 2013
Best Interior Design of year 2013
Best Exterior Design of year 2013
NoDivisons (Chaotic_Ownage)

The Chaotic Hotel was built by NoDivisions (aka Chaotic Ownage) in his Single player world and was imported upon request to the server's sandbox. There it was accompanied with other modern houses made by him and the Hotel soon gained popularity. People loved the hotel so much till the Wolv Haven Parliament decided to import it into Wolv Haven in the new Victoria area where several mountains were removed for the "Greater North Haven"/"City Expansion"/"CBD Expansion" plans by the Wolv Haven Parliament in early April 2013.

Getting There

Players can easily go to the Chaotic Hotel by taking the CART City Line/Line 2 to Victoria Station. Then taking the north exit of the station then walking west.