Freshee Tea WH

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Freshee Tea WH
CEO woorich999
Number of locations 1
Opening hours 24/7
Profit None Currently
Employees 1

Freshee Tea WH (Chinese: 新鲜茶 WH), is a boba tea franchises on the WolvHaven server. It is a franchise of the company of the same name on another server.


Classic Milk Tea

Number English Name Price
A1 Classic Boba Milk Tea $3.25
A2 Classic Milk Tea $2.75
A3 Signature Earl Milk Tea $3.25
A4 Signature Jasmine Milk Tea $3.25
A5 Roasted Oolong Milk Tea $2.75
A6 Thai Milk Tea With Boba $3.25
A7 Royal Fresh Milk Tea $3.00
A8 Wintermelon Milk Tea $3.50
A9 Potted Milk Tea $3.50
A10 Peppermint Milk Tea $3.50
A11 Classic Rose Milk Tea $3.50
A12 Green Milk Tea $3.00
A13 Taro Milk Tea w/Boba $3.50
A14 Caramel Milk Tea w/Boba $3.50
A15 Ginger Milk Tea $3.50

Sea Salt Cream Milk Tea

Number English Name Price
B1 Black Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.50
B2 Green Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.50
B3 Oolong Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.50
B4 Royal Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.50
B5 Mango Royal w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.75
B6 Wintermelon Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream $3.50

Royal Tea

Number English Name Price
R1 Royal Tea $2.50
R2 Honey Peach Royal Tea $3.00
R3 Passion Fruit Royal Tea $3.00
R4 Grapefruit Royal Tea $3.00
R5 Mango Royal Tea $3.00
R6 Rose Royal Tea $3.50

Classic Teas

Number English Name Price
C1 Earl Grey Tea $2.50
C2 Jasmine Green Tea $2.50
C3 Roasted Oolong Tea $2.50
C4 Honey Green Tea $3.00
C5 Wintermelon Tea $2.75
C6 Wintermelon Lemon Tea $3.00
C7 Honey Aloe Tea $3.00
C8 Rose Aloe Tea $3.00
C9 Ginger Tea $3.50

Slush Menu

Number English Name Price
S1 Honey Peach Slush $3.75
S2 Lemon Slush w/ Aloe $3.75
S3 Lychee Slush w/ Aloe $3.75
S4 Passion Fruit Slush w/ Fig Jelly $3.75
  • All beverages can be iced or hot except for slushees.
  • Toppings can be added for $0.50 and drinks can be upsized for $0.50.
  • Toppings Available: Boba, Grass Jelly, Aloe, Coconut Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Sea Salt Cream, Cheese Foam, and Popping Boba
  • Drinks' ice and sweetness levels can be adjusted to: 0%, 30%, 50%, 80% and 100% (Standard)


1. Lisa Island - Le Mall (Gardellia)