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"The most controversial player of the server"
User Information
Location Italy
Time zone UTC+1
Language(s) Italian, Latin, English, Delfinese, Αισταπ
Gender Male
Birth date 20th March
WolvHaven Server Information
Current rank [Citizen] [Architect]
Projects (Gardellia)DolphinPlains, Potus, Linirea, Waterlake. IC-3 and other stuff.
Joined Around 2016
Passed Citizen Test 13th september 2017
Architect 30th September 2018
Political Party
  • 21 february 2018 - 4 april 2018 NWGA (Founder)
  • 7 april 2018 - 28 april 2018 Ubiquitous Gardellian Colonies
  • 10th August 2018 - 20th october 2018 NEAG
  • 30th october 2018 - Present GDIP
Social networks
YouTube Delfino88
Twitter @Delfino88YT
Steam Delfino88
Discord Delfino88#9061
General Status
Activity Semi-Leave
Average Play time per week Sometimes a week
Most Active in Mostly Discord

Hellow! My name is Delfino88 and I'm a quite new player of the server. I'm famous for founding the NWGA (North West Gardellian Alliance) with the help of Baymax1020 and I'm very active on the server.


I mostly work in Gardellia, I own two cities: Dolphinplains and Potus. I also manage some cities owned by friends, like Linirea (Pinguino82), Waterlake (Cj_Croft). Here's a list of all projects I got involved in Gardellia so far:

  • Construction of IC-1 Noran - Fukuya - DolphinPlains
  • Automation of IC-1
  • Construction of NWE Noran - Cranbrook
  • Extention of IC-1 to Schitt's Creek
  • Extention of IC-2 to Linirea
  • IC-2 branch Council/Bad Fischdorf
  • Re-organisation of IC-3
  • IC-3 extenction to TomiVille
  • IC-3 renovation (Council-BF-DP-Linirea-Tomiville)
  • IC-3 extenction to Clexio Bay
  • Construction of Council for the NWGA alliance
  • Construction of Ligurian bridge (DolphinPlains - Linirea)
  • Helping in various cities

Contact me

I'm mostly active on discord but you can also /mail me in game (IGN: Delfino88)


Q: What's your favourite color?

A: Blue and Light blue

Q: Who's your best friend in WolvHaven?

A: Pinguino82, also in real life =)

Q: Do you like tomatoes?

A: No.

Q: How old are you?

A: It's 23th september today and I'm 15.

Q: Who is your favourite staff member?

A: Ezzo =)

Q: What's your favourite world?

A: Gardellia (My heart is in Gardellia)

Q: What is your favourite line? (Wolvhaven city)

A: M7