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Last updated: 25 February 2017. For the complete set of rules and regulations and the latest version of the rules, please visit the WolvHaven website for more information.

Wolv Haven Server law, rules and regulations

Section A - General Rules: These rules MUST be observed everywhere on the server.

  1. No griefing Griefing of any form is NOT tolerated here on the server and the penalty is a 1h jail term to a perm ban
  2. Dont be a Jerk Respect each other on the server regardless of race, religion and place of origin. Especially staff members.
  3. Try to keep Religious and political views OUT of the server. As a server, We want our members to try to keep religious and political views i.e. views about real life governments, politicians and a race or religion out of the server. We dont want a server fight breaking out!
  4. Do not spam or use caps excessively We want to make the experience for you and your fellow server members the best. You can help us by not spamming the chat. Please try to keep messages 1-3 seconds apart.
  5. Advertising is strictly prohibited. Advertising is not nice for the server or its community. If you wish to advertise, please do it somewhere else that permits it. *Please note that mentioning other servers' names which are not inside the mentionable list without saying out the IP is also considered as advertising.
  6. Staff are not your servants The server staff are around to help keep the server safe and moderate users. They are not there for you to ask for teleports, blocks and items. Please do not be offended if we disagree to any of your requests.
  7. Do not ask for a promotion to a different rank Asking for a promotion to a higher rank will only decrease the chances of you being promoted to that rank. It annoys staff members and can be considered as begging.
  8. Do not steal/download anything from the server Downloading/ripping anything off the server using whatever method is prohibited and is punishable by IP BAN
  9. 'Speak in English only Please use English only when chatting in the server. An exception to the rule is made when conversing with another user who has difficulty communicating in English.

Section B - Sandbox: These rules must be observed in the sandbox world

  1. Observe ALL general rules
  2. NO*:
  • 1x1 towers
  • Offensive builds
  • Wastage of plots
  • Excessive use of beacons
  • Excessive trolling
  • Leaving of hurtful/negative comments
  • Messing with bedrock level
  • Digging tunnels accross plots
  • Messing of roads
  • Building on and in roads
  • Redstone lag machines
  • Railway systems
  • Usage of trains without admin supervision
  • Slimeblock automobiles outside of designated lab area.

*Builds that violate rule B2 will be removed during a SandBox cleanup.

Section C - Survival: These rules must be observed when playing SMP

  1. Observe all General Rules
  1. Hack mods or clients Hacks or mods which give you a significant advantage over players are PROHIBITED. Example: X-Ray, Fly mod
  1. You may steal from unprotected chests ONLY It is the person's responsibility to ensure that their items are safe. You may lock your chests using /lock

Mentionable List, Whitelisted Mods & Gardellia Rules

Information can be found on the WolvHaven website

Misconceptions to clarify

M: Misconception Ans: Answer

M: My sibling used my account to grief! It is his fault not mine!! I get to be unbanned do I?

Ans: YOU are RESPONSIBLE for your OWN account. We will not hesitate to ban any griefers on the server.

M: I just accidentally spammed the chat... Can I be unmuted?

Ans: There is no such thing as "accidentally" spamming the chat.

M: I had to grief to get to his chest in survival.....

Ans: Griefing just to get to chests etc. is prohibited as it falls under General Rule 1 - even if you fixed the grief

M: Since I cant access the protected chest... I can go around the protection by a way which I found works and will be ok!

Ans: Stealing from protected chests in any way or method violates SMP Rule 3 and will get you in trouble.

M: OMG! The rule is so stupid! Its so easy to bend around using logic!

Ans: Bending the rules using "smarty" or "troll-y" ways is not accepted and can result in a ban. Yes, that includes no bending of this clarification too.