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Last updated: 25 February 2017. For the complete set of rules and regulations and the latest version of the rules, please visit the WolvHaven website for more information.

Staff rules for the WolvHaven Server


Section A: Commands

1. No abuse of commands

2. Spawning items for users without permission is prohibited

3. Usage of commands which affects gameplay SIGNIFICANTLY is prohibited

4. Usage of /eco to give/spawn him/herself money is prohibited (since 2012)

Section B: Teleportation

1. Server staff are to teleport people only when the person wants to be teleported

2. Server staff are to use /tpaall instead of /tpall when teleporting everyone in the server

3. Server staff are allowed to decline any request to teleport a user to another user.

Section C: Disrespect

If any server staff member disrespects you within any websites/services managed by WolvHaven, please take a screenshot and file a report.

Reporting a Staff member

Players can report a staff member for breaking any of the rules stated above. Please provide evidence such as screenshots, chat logs and specific date and time of which the incident occurred.

To file a report, please post a new thread under the courtroom forum section of the WolvHaven website. It is advised that you read the pinned thread which documents how the report should be formatted.